Sunday, March 29, 2009

So here I go again....

Yup I did it again...I have been obsessing over the idea of making a summer dress, so I decided to start by making the pattern for a simple dress...well the original muslin had darts, but I eliminated the darts and did gatherings under the bust and cut out some fabric from the under arm since there was now a huge worked!!!
Then i proceed to do the back which was very simple since I didn't have to put any darts....well you wouldn't you believe how proud I was of myself... until I tried it on the freaking thing... it's humongous on dress form is no longer me!!!!... she must of grown a couple of inches wider in the last year..I mean the bodice just hung there on my shoulders and when I pull the sleeves just flops to the ground...was I upset...NOPE!!!...just more determined...I was happy too see that after all this I have actually learned something...and I am still proud of myself...I just need to get the details right...I will post on my improvement and take a couple of pics..The picture above is what I want it too look like when it's all done.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Hey Everyone,
Exciting news I got my new laptop too work!!!...I thought I was going to be able to just turn it on then Viola!!!...but NAH!
But the great thing is after a few phone calls I was on the look forward to posting updates on my day to day sewing activity....this is awesome...I just cant wait...

Monday, March 9, 2009

It's Over!!!

I seem to be caught between a rock and a hard place....I am thinking of getting a new sewing instructor...if I do this it will be my third in the last two years...I don't know the first was way too slow and expensive...and this one is a little she makes me feel inadequate...ever since I got her as an instructor...I have been very anxious and insecure about my abilities too sew... plus every time we talk I find that we don't have anything in common...she seems to be in another state of could be because of her experience as a designer and a seamstress...but I am not impressed....I want someone who is down to earth and have the patience and ability too help get the work done for a reasonable price... maybe I am asking too much...but I don't want to be discouraged, especially doing something I truly love......every time I look at the sewing machine I get upset or just depressed because I don't know if I could master this craft...I used too love it, I used too love the process of making something just for I am confused and could be other things that are getting too me...but that's what I had sewing for too help me relax and just let go for the moment...and I think she is taking that away from me....
What's frustrating me the most is that damn maroon dress....I cut the crap out myself so we are bound to get into some kind of trouble...but damn!!!! I didn't think it would take us this long too get the top together...but it's getting there...and the bolero jacket is still in the construction process...I think I will replace after these two projects... hopefully I will get it right this time..
Well that's all for right now...