Monday, May 10, 2010

There is no bigger truth in....

this statement.... It all starts with you. As of lately I have not been totally dedicated to sewing and in thinking I can start a would reignite my interest. But the truth of the matter is this, sewing happens in time, it happens with constant practice, frustration, commitment, mistakes and a sense of dedication. I love to see the end result of a garment construction...but do I hate the work that it takes too make it happen. So why don't I shop for RTW clothing or have it made. I don't know it isn't the same... because after it all said and done... I DID IT!
I have not given up on the idea of starting a group because there is one meeting at the end of the month. (Which is awesome) But I now realize I have to make things happen on my own. That means get the freaking machine of the shelf, dust it off and start getting reacquainted with the whole sewing world. There is really no excuse, and I am not making one.
Okay now that is done. I have a question do you sew to relieve stress or cannot be bothered when situation is getting rough? I always thought that depending on the situation sewing can either be a life saver or a hindrance. What is your take on this?