Friday, May 22, 2009


Well, well, well, you see the lady on the package right...smiling, casually posing in her beautiful dress...just enjoying herself as she gracefully prances around in her summer dress....WELL GUESS WHAT!!!!...She is not smiling at all...she is mocking me in her menacing laughter...You can call me crazy but I know she is....for the past two days I have been fighting this it so it will fit my know I have spent half of my childhood praying for these "fun bags" (no offence they were the first thing to come to mind) but now they are the major reasons why I have so much issues with fitting....(I still love them though)...

While shopping at Wal-Mart I decided to look into the fabric dept. for some inspiration ....I immediately thought of this combo when I saw pattern M5842...I knew I found a match and I had to get it...looking at the pattern size I knew I had to do some adjusting...NOTHING NEW HERE!....since adjustment is all I do anyway I was READY!!!!! ( I GUESS I WILL NEVER LEARN HUH?)

Well when I cut out the pattern I knew Immediately I was going to have to increase it in I took out my books and read one of the ways to resolve this problem....I measured myself then the pattern .....I re-drew the pattern on paper and split the patter in four along the apex and made it four inches wider...Good I thought problem resolved guess what NO!!!!...I only managed to change the shape of the front bodice since I only concentrated on changing the bust area alone. I didn't do the under arms, so I had a crooked looking front which wasn't appealing...

So I decided too make another copy but this time I will distribute the measurements translation it only means I make it bigger....NNNNOOOOOO!!!!!!!! that didn't work just distorted the whole front and threw everything out of finally

I went back to the first copy and slice the under arm open...this time adding a few inches to the arm far it fits allot better the only problem now is the shoulder seam....right now it's still too short but I will add two inches to it and sees what happens...if anything I will redraw another one and see how it comes out.....
Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas, on how too adjust a pattern more efficiently? Because I am not sure if I am actually doing this right?
Thanks in advance...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Other interest...making jewelry

I was at the Pearls arts and craft store to pick up my elastic band for my summer dress when I noticed a wall filled with ornaments, pendants, links, jump rings, and first I was just browsing sice I had a little time and there they were my first two inspirations...I got excited and the next thing I know I was at the counter purchasing mu first three pendants...I was so upset with myself when I got into my car ...but live once you may as well enjoy the ride every once in a while.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The problem with blogging...

Is it me or has the world has gone topsy turvy?!?!?!?! It seems these days when I browse a blog there is someone having a temper tantrum on it!!!! I understand it's YOUR BLOG and you can write subject you want to address, or just simply not write anything that just doesn't interest you....but correct me if I'm wrong isn't a blog a kind of public forum!!!!! and if you have issue's with people comments, suggestions, or have a choice you can delete them OR! you can set your post on private...WOW!!!
No one needs to know the details of your everyday life...but if you decided to put it on your blog...You TAKE THE CHANCE of getting a f*c^i(g comment.
SH%T, now I'm one of THOSE people...Please save the drama...It's a BLOG...not the end all be all...the purpose of one is to share similar ideas, give solutions, or just relate to one another...WHY THE DRAMA!!!!????

Friday, May 8, 2009

The summer dress part 1........

Hey everyone,
Since today was a slow day for me I decided to start working on my maxi inspired summer dress... I only got to do the top because I have to add elastic in the back...It is really beginning to take shape... what I am truly excited about is the fact that this is all being done by me and only me...Yay!
And since I was so inspired I made myself a mu mu...which is to be worn in the house exclusively...anyway that's all for right now...I will post more updates on the maroon dress later on next week.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Thanks everyone for the response...we are axing the whole silk flower centerpiece and using real flowers, my sister knows a florist and she was able to do the centerpieces for all the tables at a very decent price...WHEW!!!!
That was real close...anyway as far as sewing I have adjusted the sleeves and it actually is beginning to look good all I have to do is to the final stitching and that's that...I will be posting pictures later...
That's all for know

Saturday, May 2, 2009

What do you think?

My cousin is getting married in a couple of weeks and we all are helping her with the details we are trying to put together the centerpieces but we hit a sister hate silk flowers and my cousin is on a budget the centerpieces were gifts from her basically it was FREE...which is important for a wedding on a my sister persisted that we get real flowers since there is a shortage on centerpieces....I have to get your opinion does the centerpieces look that was going on a table sitting ten people which is a huge table...and we are working with her color theme which is purple and silver...
(Oh by the way the vase is filled with sand and marbles and the raffae is at the opening of the vase...I don't know why we filled it with sand but the marble is a nice touch atleast in my opinion.)

The other issue is that my cousin doesn't want to totally omit the flowers since her aunt will be there....I don't know but your input would be very helpful...