Sunday, November 20, 2011

Finally B5353 done....

I am not sure what's going on with my blog but it wouldn't let me post my last update. So of course I have to re post it.

The dress is basically done all that is left to do is the hem. The dress was a challenge and still is because even when I have adjusted it to my size the bust side front still sticks up and out. That means I have to take it in about an inch for it to fit me properly. But it was a great experience it required allot of patience but making a dress with lining is always going to take more time regardless. I hope to were this to a formal occasion but looking at my fabric choice it seems to be more appropriate for a funeral than any festivity. Don't get me wrong I love the dress it just needs to be a little more cheerful. So if I ever decided to do this pattern again it definitely needs to be in a brighter color.

Well that's it for now.... I hope everyone enjoy the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Towards the end....

Well tomorrow I will be finishing my dress. I should have pics ready by Sunday, but even if I am not done I will post pics of her. So far it's been a great journey with the dress, it was very involved and allot of adjustments had to be made. But all in all it's been a very pleasant experience.
My next dress will be Vogue pattern 1239. The fabric is very beautiful, I will post that as well. It's a very interesting fabric with a bold design, words fail me when I try to describe it. I have to admit I am a little intimadated by the design and construction this one looks like it's going to be extemely involved. But, when I think about it all the dresses I have made so far have always been intricate.
Well hope all is well and I will definately have pics by this weekend. Until then enjoy yours.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My ignorance lurk in weird places.....

Last night I wrote a post...and I admit while writing, I noticed allot of things I stated was out of pure ignorance. But at times, I think you need to be ignorant in order to learn to be and do better. I specifically remember statement #9, Until I read a wonderful post. Introduced by a favorite

Personally, I have allot of issues being a woman because... I wasn't taught to respect women. I wasn't taught to embrace being feminine because allot of times as I have witnessed in my life if you were caught vulnerable, kind, loving, soft or affectionate....then you will be screwed over. You were forced to be harsh, cruel and manipulative in order to survive.

I was raised by my grandmother who was as strong as a bull and sharper than any machete. She was wise, cunning, and a very proud woman. My mother in the other hand wasn't as strong willed as her mother and at times fell under her shadow. Don't get me wrong my mother wasn't a weak woman she could never afford to be....but she wasn't as vibrant.

What struck me is that people have a tendency to define what feminine is. I don't let people define who I am...only one being has the right to do so. I can be every bit feminine and be strong, combatant, and militant. It doesn't take anything away from me as a woman.
But I do agree with the idea that women do find themselves competing with men by imitating them. Is that wrong? Not really but it does take away from you being you. I can never really be ashamed of what and who I am. God made me in his image and made me to be who I am. Being a woman isn't a curse, but we are not limited by the roles that others try to force on us. That's why feminism is important to me. It should support the right to be a strong a woman. Not a weird twisted version of a man. That means if we choose to be corporate leaders or housewives...feminism should support both points of view especially now these days. We should have room for all kinds of women, with all kinds of lifestyle, traditions, and culture. The right to be women should not be excluded from anyone. Right or wrong? (I'm going on a tangent here, please forgive me.)

Now as an adult I still have allot of growing up to do. The older I get the more accepting I become and the more patient I am with myself. Also the more comfortable I am in my skin. I think in allot of ways we all have mimicked individuals and situations to have a basis of what we want and as we grow older, wiser and better we start creating our own version of what we truly want.

Am I making any sense here?

I’m going to sound crazy here but this reminds me of what Jada Pinket-Smith told Oprah on her final show. "You’re not a mother but you have mothered millions." Being a woman gives you the privilege and right to mentor, guide, love and nurture in ways that no one can. And even when you don't fulfill a traditional role....God makes a way to do your duty diligently without even noticing. That's why he will always have a final say....Amen.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thinking thoughts....

As of late I have been thinking allot....and since this seems to be a perfect place to start. I thought placing a few random thoughts... just because.
1) I learned that patience is a virtue.
2) Kindness can take you a millions mile further than being nasty.
3) That I hate ignorant and opinionated individuals who can't take in other people's point of view.
4) That although I have a job and should be extremely grateful and at times I am especially when paying bills....( wishing my life away isn't a good thing....can't stand the fact it's not Friday yet.)
5) I wish I was healthier...but by now I know it's a choice and not a lifetime sentence to being fat. I don't have to be fat I choose to stay fat.
6) I hate people who hate kids, I hate people who look at them as burdens and I really hate backwards people who think abuse is necessary to raise them. Not saying discipline isn't necessary evil, but belting children, pushing them, laughing at them when you insult them, beating them with objects are a little on the extreme side of things. (Teenagers are the exceptions to the rules...jk)
7) I want to start a group with women who have issues with their mothers. It will be called I HATE MY MOTHER!....I'm not kidding. I don't know if it's me or am I surrounded by women who seems to like to complain about their mothers. Complain is a nice about fixated.
8) Maybe during the meetings I can shout....GROW THE HELL UP AND GET OVER IT!!! Maybe that's what I should call the group.
9) At times I hate being a women....but I truly feel sorry for men. I wouldn't take their place even if they pay me.
10) I love sewing, I hate sewing. It's a wonderful craft that I get lost in, but damn do I hate the technicality. I AM SO SLOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!! I am still working on the dress I started over the summer! AAAUUUGGGHHHHH!
Well that's it for now I will definately have more b.s. to spill here while I finish my garment. Until then I look forward in seeing what you guys have been up too.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Changing views....

After the next project...I was thinking of doing simpler designs. Like shirts, totes, handbag and simple slacks. I think in allot of ways I am missing the basics, doing complicated dresses and gowns are great learning experiences but they are extremely frustrating and at times even intimidating. If I do the simpler stuff more projects will get done and the more satisfied I will be.
What do you think? Have you ever considered starting over again to have a better perspective on sewing?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Arguing effectively....

How do people argue without losing their cool. How are you expected to discuss an issue without getting upset especially when your on opposing sides. I have to admit I was a person who thought with their head before the heart, but as of lately I have been losing allot of patience with people, situations....just life period. I am not sure what the change is but I don't like it at all. I used to be allot more rational, and now I get carried away with the heat of the moment.
Maybe in this relationship, my heart is on my sleeves and the wounds hit very deep, very soon. How do I behave, and become more mature emotionally?
Okay enough of the boo-hooing...I have to figure out a way to feel better. So I made a list, talking to my sister I realize every change starts with you. I think it's been repeated over and over again in some of my post....but sometimes I need a reminder.
I think in many ways to feel better on the inside it starts with the outside. Change of environment affects change of attitude.
1) Change how I dress and it will change how I act. Feeling better about my appearance does change my posture, the way I interact with people and the way I feel about myself.
2) Never rely on anyone to make I am responsible for my happiness no one else is. And if I need to make a change then I have to pick my grown ass self up and do it.
3) Do things that makes me happy, like sewing, drawing and craft projects.
4) Become more social....get involved in projects with people who share the same interest.

So far this is what I got from the conversation with my sister....and you know what she is absolutely is too short to stay stuck being miserable.