Monday, March 2, 2015

Hello Again

Hello Everyone,
  This post is going to be pic I hope no one minds looking at a few updated pics.   Forgive the random pic order.  I was having a difficult time adding my pictures on this blog.  According to this website my picture gallery had to be updated.  I sometimes hate technology.
This was one of my Sunday's Best Outfit.
 photo outfit 008.jpg

This was an outfit I wore for my sister's surprise birthday. 
 photo outfit 035.jpg

My Halloween dress...almost done.
 photo 3-2-15 pics 004.jpg

 photo 3-2-15 pics 005.jpg

You remember my Beautiful FrankenHulk Top well it took me awhile but I finally found the perfect sweater for her.  Isn't she lovely?
 photo 3-2-15 pics 007.jpg

I leave that for all of you out there to judge.  I personally love her because I used techniques on her that I had not tried before and in that sense she is a success but as far as design...hmph.  I still will wear her.  Like I state before and I'll state it again....NO ROOM FOR WADERS!
 photo 3-2-15 pics 009.jpg

That's it for now. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Wow!  It’s been about six months since I posted anything on this blog.   I really have no excuse, I am an awful blogger.  It’s not because I have been lazy I literally can’t keep up with the amount of ideas/concepts I want to work on.  Every week I am trying to work on a new muslin for a top or outfit that I want to create, unfortunately when you have your hands in too many things nothing gets done.
That’s why I am happy I have a sewing instructor to keep me organized and focus.  She loves the fact that I have grown as far as creating designs and pattern making, but I think I sometimes exhaust her…just a little bit.  (Which I think is a good thing.)
2015 so far has been a decent year as far as sewing is concerned.  I am ninety percent done with my Halloween dress….which has been in my closet for the last three months.  I have to hem the dress, add buttons and either create a belt or buy one.  I think I am going to buy one. 
Then I started a new jacket, which I am really excited about.  I made the muslin for it, cut out and sewed the bodice together.  Now, I am working on the collar and sleeves.  I love this jacket because it was an inspired piece from I believe it's called fable. I don't think they sell this particular item anymore, sad really.    My version is created from curtains that I got from a 5 dollar bin.  Hey, I do what works for me. 

Anyway that is it for right now.  Hopefully sooner than later I will update everyone on what I am doing and maybe post the things that I have done.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Going Retro (Part 2)....Simplicity 1459

Hello Everyone,
     Well it's been an awesome weekend and I have to say I really enjoyed the surprisingly warm weather here in New York.  But, I do hope I will see some autumn weather soon, before we get hit with the very cold and harsh days of winter. 

     Working with Simplicity 1459 has been awesome so far the instructions are straight forward and easy to follow and the cotton fabric has been really great to work with.  I used duct cotton to underline the dress because I wanted it to have structure, especially around my mid-section.  There are a few reasons as to why I thought it was important to use this method as a means to create the kind of dress I envisioned. 
1) I needed a fabric to help keep me warm during those chilly days.
2) I like the feel of a hefty fabrics.
3)  I am a firm believer that when constructing a garment for a plus size woman it helps to emphasize on the way it fits her body.  Fabric choice makes all the difference in the world and sometimes it require a fabric that has structure to help minimize bumps and lumps and focus on all her beautiful qualities.
 I think I am going to use this process as a base for most of my autumn/winter wear.

Being that it was Sunday, I wanted to leave you guys with a parting shot in my church wear.  I love this outfit.... which made me think about putting a few jackets in my future project pile. Uh yeah, we will see.

As always, Be Blessed.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Going Retro.....Simplicity 1459

Hello Everyone,

It has been awhile, and now that the summer is over it's time for me to start thinking fall.  I have started sewing a new dress,  and have been inspired by another blogger Sew Retro Rose,  I love her style and taste, she makes dressing up fun and functional not just boring or formal .  I enjoy her dedication to the 1950's era, it's incredible to see how she can make these dresses look so true to it's time and yet she has a very original and unique twist to it.

Well here is my take on the dress.  Since Halloween is coming up I decided that I would make myself a dress for my favorite holiday.  So far the construction is going well I had already sewed the bodice and now have to add on the collar.  This process has been allot of fun and I think I might do this every year.  It will be nice to see my collection of clothing as the years go by.

Now I have been thinking hard about my sewing selection of my yester years and decided that I have to rethink how and what I sew.  Allot of the garments I have constructed are no longer appeasing to me.  None of them are functional and some I will never wear.  I think sewing for me has changed a great deal.  I need things for day to day wear and when your looking through your closet and staring at clothes that you have created and none of them will see the light of day.  You need to reconsider where and what you are sewing for.  I think I was sewing because it's something I wanted to learn and got excited about the idea of making something I have thought about a reality.  Now that I am older and hopefully wiser Iwant my clothes to reflect my style without challenging the public  No seriously I want to wear what I sew...and be proud. 
Don't get me wrong so far I have worn two tops to work and enjoyed the compliments.  But I do want to expand my sewing horizons and really learn how to incorporate what I want with what I need. 

So, to make some changes I will be working on a list on what i need and hopefully go from there.
I hope all is well in the blogging world.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Do you remember this one?

I don't.  I know I made it about three years ago, but I can't seem to remember the pattern  I used.  Since it was such a beautiful day I decided to pull out this number.  I was really excited about it, but it drove me crazy trying to think of which summer pattern I used.  I really want another version bad.
Well here she is:

Hope all is going well for everyone.  As Always, Be Blessed.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Creative process....

This is my progress on a shirt I wanted to make.  It was something I design on paper and wanted to know if I had it in me to make it happen.  Well so far it's been okay.  I haven't struggle as much with it as I usually do with the other projects. But looking at the pictures I see there are adjustments to be made.
So here she is in the making.

There are a few things to straighten out as far as the pleats.  It looks awkward on the hanger it only sit straight when I wear the top.  I wonder though is it ever okay to make pleats on knit fabrics?  or Is that a major no?
Anyway, I will be soon done with this shirt.  I am sure I will have allot to say after a wear or two.  I look forward to that.  In the meantime I am also keeping myself busy with a muslin version of a dress I am making for fall and a top for the summer. 
Hopefully if everything does work out I will have allot more pics and post to share.
Be Blessed,

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lesson Learned?

Hello everyone,
            Simplicity 2566 has been in my box for the last couple of years.  I started this project awhile back but never seem to have taken much interest in completing it.  So in the midst of creating frankenhulk, I decided to make a more reasonable version of the shirt.  Something I can wear on a casual day or just going to work.
Well..hmph.  Making the shirt had it's struggle but nothing can compare to the wear.  I can honestly say if I had a sweater made out of hay, I would of had an easier time wearing it.  The shirt had so many fitting issues it was impossible for me to be comfortable in it.  Mind you years back  I made a muslin version of it only to find out I had outgrew my first version.  Which always means alterations.  Honestly, this experience would usually make me rethink about my capabilities as far as sewing.  But this time I literally laughed till I cried.  Every time I struggled with the shirt it reminded me I have so much too learn.  It also inspired me to build on my skills.  It's challenging learning on your own and trying to incorporate other people's methods to improve your sewing skills.  But it is what it is.
So here she is.....

So here is  the list of what went wrong:
The collar is just useless flap that surrounds my neck and maybe my whole upper region.  I was going for a seventies style collar but the interfacing wasn't able to hold its form.Which made it worthless.

The cuffs seemed to be a great idea at the time.  Unfortunately because of my method of sewing it on.  I calculated everything wrong.  I measured about 11 inches upwards from my wrist to my forearm only to find out that I would need to consider the fullest part of my arm when it comes to reaching and stretching.  By the way there is no escaping math when sewing.  That sucks. I wanted the design of the sleeve to have a unique look without making it look like I borrowed the shirt from a pirate.  Too late.

The bodice of the shirt was the most frustrating issue.  I had place the darts too low, then in following the design of the shirt without considering the quality of the fabric.  I realized that the shirt was stiff and couldn't flow properly.  Which caused the bottom portion to stick out dramatically.  Plus the back of the shirt was considerably much tighter in the shoulder area.  Which also made it difficult to move my arms.  Not to mention, I sewed in the sleeves wrong. 

But honestly, through it all I was just laughing.  Because I realize without my errors there is no room for improvement.  Another thing is this, I had so many people compliment the shirt.  Which kind of made me appreciate the fact that I am the only sewer among the group.  And honestly I can't think of a better way to get by with an absolute wadder and people loving it.

Anyway, that's it for now.