Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm so EXCITED!!!!

After my little dissappointment...I decided to work on a shirt that I always wanted to make. I had a shirt that I purchased from Old Navy several years back(the black one)that I really love. The shirt is so comfortable and stylish plus it fits perfectly. I knew I had to make one or two more. So ofcourse I waited and waited and pondered and put it off until one day inspiration hit me. Now at first I didn't think I was able to start of on my own. But nothing ventured nothing gained. So I went ahead and started. I had to tell you every step of the way was a question in whether or not will it be done, especially to my satisfaction. But patience and allot of "you can make it happen damn it". Got me to this point. And I am really happy so far.
Hopefully this will have a great ending. We will see, until next time.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Vogue 1239...wadder?

Well this has been a disappointing outcome. There is a great deal of distortion in the fabric which I believe is caused by the lining. I think I should of underlined it instead of doing what was recommended. There was a good amount of adjusting and cutting which I think lead to this outcome. The collar is floppy because I didn't interface it, the closing is done half assed. The bottom of the skirt is bunched upwards, one of the pockets sticks out is just a mess. It says homemade all over it.
My husband hates the dress, he suggested in a very direct manner to start over again. Because it is garbage. I think for the sake of my sanity. I will be sending this one to a tailor. It was way too costly and took to long for me to just throw it away.
Anyway that's it for right now.

Friday, March 1, 2013


This week has been a very blessed week. Actually it's been a learning experience. I realized that your attitude can dictate anything. I learned even faking a smile can alter people's reaction to you.
Although I have been tempted to go back to some old habits. I have been encouraging myself (through God's grace) to not let other people's temperment get the best of me. And what's more important don't ever assume anything. People are people you never know what an individual is going through.

Now moving on I am almost done with the Vogue dress. Honestly it's almost been a year since I work on this dress and I am not sure how I feel about that. I know everything is a process but A YEAR!!! This is poopoo.
But in the meantime I have been doing other things. I am trying to learn the art of upcycling which is something I always wanted to do. It's a sweater I purchased years ago and never wore it because it was too large. But it may turn into a wonderful cardigan or garbage. We will see.
And I still have not finished my butterick's always the little miscellaneous things that gets to me. Watch let there be a gathering you will find me on that dress real quick.
I hope to take pictures of the finished product tomorrow. If this damn thing called blogspot don't give me problems.
Anyway I hope all is well,