Monday, November 29, 2010

My new obsession....

Up cycled sweater coats are my new passion. I don't know what about them I love so much but I need one. I see them on and they look so damn beautiful. But the ones I want are either tooooo expensive or not available.
So what does that mean? I might have to make one, two or a thousand of them. But where do I start? All they are is a bunch of sweater cut up then re sewn together to make a beautiful coat/sweater. But as an amateur sewer this looks real complicated and scary. I don't know but it doesn't hurt to try....(evil grin). Now I just have to get a serger and hope for the best.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Moving on.....hoping for better.

This has been a weird month for me...

1) I realize dating right after a break up is very discouraging.

2) There is something to be said about online's frustrating, people are extremely particular, you become one of those people ( I mean you become very snobbish.)

3) You can't heal wounds by replacing them with other things.

4) I am not patient at all.

I seem to be on a rush but where too... I have no idea. I just want something to happen but I am not sure what? I don't want children (not right now)and I certainly don't want to be in a long term relationship that I am not ready for, but I am looking. So what is really going on?

My projects are all held up because I am dating, going to school and trying to be more social which I found out the hard way takes money and time! But it's better being home wishing things would change....right?

Oh another thing I HATE SCHOOL!!!! But that's just part of the deal if I want a degree and do something with myself. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of becoming a behavioral psychologist, it's the nonsense courses is what is bugging me.

Anyway I should be getting done with the dress and to help me through this weird time in my life I am doing more shoe shopping.
The black and red I already brought and the pretty in pink is one I will be getting. I LOVE SHOES!!!!!
Don't worry I will be making outfits soon.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Almost there!!!!

I wanted to post an update on my dress but as usual other projects took priority like school. So I am forced to hold out until I am completely done with the dress. I am done with the tears and hemming, now it's the zippers and a few finishing touches.

Moving on as of late I have been on a pink phase...everything in the hue of pink to fuchsia has got my attention. the only problem is I only brought shoes in those hues I don't own any garment that has ANY of these colors. Oh well another excuse to shop.
These shoes are not anything special but they are beautiful...I got one from Bakers and the other was from J.C. Penny's. I don't usually where heals but these are definitely the exception.
Well that's it for now hopefully I will be done with the dress real soon, until then ...Goodnight.