Friday, February 3, 2012

Just dealing....(work not sewing related)

I have to state first and foremost...I am not perfect. I have flaws like everyone else and one of them is my temper. I am not a person who enjoys confrontation but if need be I will engage. At work I realize the hard way I can't let people in.... because at the end of the day work is work, and outside of it is my "real" life. Work is only there to support my lifestyle not be a part of it. I state this because I need to know whether I am in the right or wrong.
I have a particular supervisor who sometimes have a tendency to be moody....and being a moody person myself we don't always get along. I especially despise how she sometimes treat a particular individual at my job and since I don't want her to treat me with such disrespect.... I decided awhile back that I will only interact with her, when it comes to the job itself and not go beyond that. Now she is upset that I no longer engage in conversations outside of what we have to do? Now am I wrong for taking such precaution or is she being immature?