Saturday, September 27, 2008

I have been inspired!!!!

Thanks to you lovely folks!!! I have been inspired to go on and pursue new projects...I have learned a real good lesson from this experience even if you have measured and re-adjusted your patterns it never hurts to re-check before doing the final fitting...
1) I am really considering taking the dress to a tailor and getting it this point I much rather pay then take it apart and doing it over again.
2) I love my dress so what if it's busy, it's mine I made it, I want it and I am going to wear it!!! Maybe I will start off by wearing it in the basement then I work my way to the surface...but if one a-hole snickers at me...I will...I will... I will give them a real dirty look and run back too my house and bury it in the
Now to my new evil can't stop me!!!! I will murder all these patterns before I get it right...(can you hear my evil laughter) will type it out for you (HAH,HAH,HAH,HAH*cough*)
Now thanks to Mimi Goodwin and her beautiful outcome...I decided on doing two patterns that she has done...I guarantee her version is much better...I know this because...just take my word for it so here they are...

I absolutely adore this dress from butterick, but after purchasing it I wonder if I could make it work...but we will see.

And this one I always wanted to do if you look at my wish list from the past postings you will recognize it...
Well this is pretty much it for right now!!!
Talk to you later

Friday, September 26, 2008

There it is!!!!

Well here it is the dress!!! I had a problem with the collar it stood to high so I bend it so it would look a little better!!!

Anyway here it is!!! Please feel free to be brutally honest! I plan on fixing the collar first I have to steam it out then bend it again!!! Plus I have to re-adjust the sleeves so it won't be so tight...I am thinking of bringing it to a tailor so I can finally be done with this one...My mother told be I would be robbing myself of a learning experience and to do it on my own...But I am just tired and want this to be done...OVER!!!
What I am going to do is put it too the side and see if I should finish it or let the professionals handle this!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I really don't have any excuse!!!

I have been debating whether or not to post the final look of the dress...and I am mostly hanging on no...I don't hate the dress it's just after it's all done I realize I may not be able to wear it...this is the umteenth time I have made a garment and decided it was just too busy to wear...Plus I still have to get shoes to go with the outfit...on me it looks like a cross between a pimp and a church girl...I love the fabric and the print but maybe it's too much for a whole dress anyway, I will be posting pictures of it tomorrow...please let me know what you think.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


So here is the dress with the sleeves and collar done....I still have the other waistband to put on and hem the skirt and add the zipper and I will finally be done!!!
Here is a close up of the collar...I hate the fact it looks a little flimsy I put in the interfacing and top stitched the collar so it can be a little more stiff...but it didn't work out so well...I am going to have to figure something out....
Here is the sleeve with the lapel I didn't get my buttons yet but you get the idea....

My biggest issue right now is the back of the bodice it's real tight, constricted and really uncomfortable...
Well other than that my blue shirt is coming along pretty well ...I will post about that next time but of right now I am concentrating on my new project ....I originally was going to use Mc Call's M555 dress...but I thought it was kind of boring so...I thought about combining it with Burda 7783 ...I am too crazy about the collar, well actually I love the collar but it's too trendy and might not be able to use it for I thought I use McCall's collar and use the sleeves and pockets on Burda....
Now I am not too sure about the combination...I thought it was a good idea a while ago but looking back I am not too sure...I love the silver/gray and black combo but the black has a pattern on it's own so wouldn't that be a little much?
I was hoping to use the black for the body of the garment and the grey would be used on the collar and the band of the sleeves...
Well that's about it for now... I will be posting real soon!!!!