Monday, October 19, 2009


I know it's kind of early but's the season... This is one of the first completed projects for this year...although it looks like I won't finish the rest in time I still look forward too getting them done.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Too much, too tired and just "blah"

It has been a long while since I last post here, it's not that I lost interest...but life has a tendency to get in the way. So far I had to make alot of adjustments in my life since my sister is moving into the house so we had to renovate downstairs, which meant allot of moving around for me and my family. She is expecting and she needs all the help, since it will be her first. In the meantime she is driving everyone crazy with her tantrums, crying binges, and other issues pregnant women face while hormones are shifting and changes in your body....not to mention a little human being who seems to dictate your every movement..quiet frustrating...but I look forward too seeing the little one..even though we are going through the muck right now...especially my sister.
Then there is the issue with being patient...I forgot sewing is not just a slapping fabric together and TADA!!!!...but I have to tell you it can be a total bugger...when you have something in mind and it seems to be taking forever to make it happen...I am still working on my third summer dress!!!...Who am I kidding I only finished one ( kind of) and struggling with the other...although I have changed instructors(YAY!).... I still feel stuck and stagnant....
Then there is school...yes I was foolish to go back...I guess I didn't learn the first time!..LOL...get it! NO!
Yup, I am back to school and so far I HATE IT!!! Thank God I am an adult to think of going through this mudane crap again made me realize why I hated school so damn much, the teachers never seem to understand that we don't get this sh*t...that's why we are here to learn...but the f*ck#ers assume we actually have an inkling as to what the hell they are saying....then there is the test...every other moment I am having an anxiety attack because I am not sure if I actually know what I am studying...all they are words that form a sentence and yet I can't translate a f*ck^ng thing...OH YEAH IT"S IN ENGLISH...just not the kind that I speak. WTF!!!!
Who writes these books and why haven't anyone kicked there asses yet!
The biggest issue of them all is Halloween! It's basically around the corner... and I have nothing to show for it....WELL, that's a lie I have been working on making props for that Special Day...but that is also a tedious task that is taking a while....but no fears I am more than determine to finish it and I will...maybe by October 31, 2010.
Anyway I guess I have been spoiled and just expect things to happen...just because I SAY SO!!! Instant Gratification is the best thing in the world...I don't care what anybody says!!!! NOW! NOW! NOW!...Sorry I am having a moment...
Anyway that's it for right now,
P.S. I apologize for the lack of posting.

Friday, July 3, 2009

So what I have been up too.....

June has been not only an exhausting month, but extremely hectic. One thing I hate is being overwhelmed with things....not too mention being in school....but all of these things are done and over with...thank god....I do not want to be in a wedding anytime's way too stressful.
These are pictures from the bridal shower, it was an attempt to do a "Breakfast at Tiffany's" theme but it was done very last minute...but if the situation was too arise and someone want's to have a theme like this done I will have the supplies to help them....For the most part the bridal shower was decent...people got nto the spirit and wore black dresses and pearls...which was great.

This was me...I hate this pic but it was the only one I had on the camera.....

This is my childhood friend who helped me throughout the process....she was great...

Then there was the wedding here is my sister with her new husband...

This is me with a grimace on my can tell it was an event dealing with my sister...

And this is a parting shot of the bride before she left the house.... well that's it for now....hopefully my next post will be about sewing...whenever I get to that.....

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I got my FIRST AWARD!!!!!

I am so excited I got my ver first YAY!!!! Ann from, Sew-Ann's Stitchery is an absolutely generous individual and obviously attentive, becuase I was just waiting for the day to say this .....THEY LIKE ME THEY REALLY LIKE ME!!!! Anyway here are the rules...

The intention of this award is to pass it on to 5 or more blogs you have recently started following. You should then comment on their post to let them know they are awarded and then link to their blogs from yours.

So here it is ....I am so happy...thankyou !!!!!! Now I have to go and spread the love..

Monday, June 8, 2009

Two weddings,school and a whole bunch of crap!!!!

Sorry for the delay I have been real busy!!!! I just got through my cousins wedding and now I am prepping for my sisters and to top it all of ...I am re-taking a course in English I need to get a better order to pick up my GPA average... to register for an restricted this month will be a very busy one.

But just incase anyone was curious on how I looked that day I posted a pic on most of them I looked pretty pissed ...that was me attempting too smile...oh well you can't have it all.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Well, well, well, you see the lady on the package right...smiling, casually posing in her beautiful dress...just enjoying herself as she gracefully prances around in her summer dress....WELL GUESS WHAT!!!!...She is not smiling at all...she is mocking me in her menacing laughter...You can call me crazy but I know she is....for the past two days I have been fighting this it so it will fit my know I have spent half of my childhood praying for these "fun bags" (no offence they were the first thing to come to mind) but now they are the major reasons why I have so much issues with fitting....(I still love them though)...

While shopping at Wal-Mart I decided to look into the fabric dept. for some inspiration ....I immediately thought of this combo when I saw pattern M5842...I knew I found a match and I had to get it...looking at the pattern size I knew I had to do some adjusting...NOTHING NEW HERE!....since adjustment is all I do anyway I was READY!!!!! ( I GUESS I WILL NEVER LEARN HUH?)

Well when I cut out the pattern I knew Immediately I was going to have to increase it in I took out my books and read one of the ways to resolve this problem....I measured myself then the pattern .....I re-drew the pattern on paper and split the patter in four along the apex and made it four inches wider...Good I thought problem resolved guess what NO!!!!...I only managed to change the shape of the front bodice since I only concentrated on changing the bust area alone. I didn't do the under arms, so I had a crooked looking front which wasn't appealing...

So I decided too make another copy but this time I will distribute the measurements translation it only means I make it bigger....NNNNOOOOOO!!!!!!!! that didn't work just distorted the whole front and threw everything out of finally

I went back to the first copy and slice the under arm open...this time adding a few inches to the arm far it fits allot better the only problem now is the shoulder seam....right now it's still too short but I will add two inches to it and sees what happens...if anything I will redraw another one and see how it comes out.....
Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas, on how too adjust a pattern more efficiently? Because I am not sure if I am actually doing this right?
Thanks in advance...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Other interest...making jewelry

I was at the Pearls arts and craft store to pick up my elastic band for my summer dress when I noticed a wall filled with ornaments, pendants, links, jump rings, and first I was just browsing sice I had a little time and there they were my first two inspirations...I got excited and the next thing I know I was at the counter purchasing mu first three pendants...I was so upset with myself when I got into my car ...but live once you may as well enjoy the ride every once in a while.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The problem with blogging...

Is it me or has the world has gone topsy turvy?!?!?!?! It seems these days when I browse a blog there is someone having a temper tantrum on it!!!! I understand it's YOUR BLOG and you can write subject you want to address, or just simply not write anything that just doesn't interest you....but correct me if I'm wrong isn't a blog a kind of public forum!!!!! and if you have issue's with people comments, suggestions, or have a choice you can delete them OR! you can set your post on private...WOW!!!
No one needs to know the details of your everyday life...but if you decided to put it on your blog...You TAKE THE CHANCE of getting a f*c^i(g comment.
SH%T, now I'm one of THOSE people...Please save the drama...It's a BLOG...not the end all be all...the purpose of one is to share similar ideas, give solutions, or just relate to one another...WHY THE DRAMA!!!!????

Friday, May 8, 2009

The summer dress part 1........

Hey everyone,
Since today was a slow day for me I decided to start working on my maxi inspired summer dress... I only got to do the top because I have to add elastic in the back...It is really beginning to take shape... what I am truly excited about is the fact that this is all being done by me and only me...Yay!
And since I was so inspired I made myself a mu mu...which is to be worn in the house exclusively...anyway that's all for right now...I will post more updates on the maroon dress later on next week.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Thanks everyone for the response...we are axing the whole silk flower centerpiece and using real flowers, my sister knows a florist and she was able to do the centerpieces for all the tables at a very decent price...WHEW!!!!
That was real close...anyway as far as sewing I have adjusted the sleeves and it actually is beginning to look good all I have to do is to the final stitching and that's that...I will be posting pictures later...
That's all for know

Saturday, May 2, 2009

What do you think?

My cousin is getting married in a couple of weeks and we all are helping her with the details we are trying to put together the centerpieces but we hit a sister hate silk flowers and my cousin is on a budget the centerpieces were gifts from her basically it was FREE...which is important for a wedding on a my sister persisted that we get real flowers since there is a shortage on centerpieces....I have to get your opinion does the centerpieces look that was going on a table sitting ten people which is a huge table...and we are working with her color theme which is purple and silver...
(Oh by the way the vase is filled with sand and marbles and the raffae is at the opening of the vase...I don't know why we filled it with sand but the marble is a nice touch atleast in my opinion.)

The other issue is that my cousin doesn't want to totally omit the flowers since her aunt will be there....I don't know but your input would be very helpful...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New purchase!!!!

Yup I purchased more fabric...Why? because it was I wanted a summer dress with bold prints on it and guess what...I think I got it...
I got the burgundy jersey knit because of the issue of my last project since I hate the sleeves so much I am going to redo them...this time it should come out better...
Anyway that's about it I will be posting about my new project soon....
See you then

Friday, April 17, 2009


Yup the red dress is 80% done, I still have to hem it....and do a couple of touch usual I am not too excited about it because it did not fit like the package...but I am shape more like an upside down triangle which means I don't have much of a waist it's weird....but I like the color and gues what I actually do like how jersey feels...WOW!!! I always had ill feelings towards it because I thought it was a cheap material...but it's not...and it flows very beautifully.

One of my major problems with this dress is the way the sleeves fit and how the shoulder area kind of pucker out...I think it's because I used too much interfacing...I interfaced both sides which was a bad idea....and it caused it too kind of stand up and out...I have to do something about it....any suggestions?

Here is what it looks like on my "dress form" she looks all distorted....Honestly I don't know why I add this on...but hey here she is....

By the way excuse the mess...I had to take the picture in the basement since that's where "she" lives...I would give her a name but she already freaks me out in the dark I hate to think I would be actually giving her an

Friday, April 3, 2009

Summer fabrics ....PIC HEAVY!!!!...

Hey Guys,
I want to start off by thanking you for your very supportive helps a great deal and encourages me too go on...First off, you remember the dress I started to draft?... Well I had to do something about and since I already paid for today's session I had too go...( No matter how upset I am I still can't afford to not show up)....and it started off with her doing the same old same routine....but I cut that s*(& right out from the beginning...I had too say at some point I got a little gruff, but she took a note and calmed herself down...which made me calm down...I don't know why I didn't tell her how I felt but I guess I was thinking I didn't owe her any explanation...but the reality of it all is ...I do and I will make it a point to address my issue..and hopefully we can continue on...

But she did do something real nice today... she made my life allot easier by helping me adjust the bodice of my summer dress, which was awesome...What was real nice is that she got a little excited about it and gave me tips on how to construct it it would look more professional... which was great...all I really have to do now is too stitch it together and attach the skirt segment too it...I think for the sake of time...I will continue doing it that way...she likes too get detail oriented and it takes up too much time which cost me since this chick is not free...I pay her by the hour and believe in me it's not easy
for me too keep skipping lunch and scrounge around for pennies to get a lesson with her
Anyway moving on...I got some fabrics ...and the only thing I wanted was bright, youthful I picked out the most vibrant fabrics and purchased them... looking back I had a tacky attack... but hey sommer is coming and I may as well make the best of it...

Here are some of the fabrics I purchased ...some are from Jo Anne's and some are from far these are all I have for some dresses I plan on making...there will be more later on this month...So far I am liking the flower and paisley patterns...I just need to figure out where I can purchase the fabric with the large prints...
That's all for right now..