Saturday, December 14, 2013

Trial and Error... I really do hate wadders. Simplicity 2566 vs. Vogue 8935

Honestly there are no words NONE! to even explain how frustrating the last couple of projects have been.  I have no clue as to what's going on with me and my sewing abilities but it's almost disturbing.  It all started with a mock-up version of a shirt I wanted for years (Simplicity 2566).  I started the muslin fit maybe 4-5 years ago ( I assume) but never finished it.  So lo and behold I found the pattern buried in a box with all the pattern pieces cut out and the bodice portion basted together.  I figured since it's almost done, why not finish it. 
So I put it on and it fitted kind of snug (what can I say I am still growing, jut sideways).  No problem I will just have to add a few inches here and there and I will be alright. NO! When the adjustments were made I got a dress instead of a top.  Something tells me that I have a distorted image of myself because every time I decide to add inches to any of the garments I construct.  I seam to think I am making a dress for The Hulk! 
Well this was just the beginning.  Let's just list all the things that went wrong.
1) I didn't like the color of the fabric I chose to make the mock version so I decided to buy lace.
2)  It didn't work. ( I bought the lining on clearance so it wasn't all that expensive)
3)  The darts are seriously huge and hangs in the weirdest place.
4)  I am not going to even mention the collar or the front facing.  It's a massacre in there.
5)  I ran out of fabric and decided to use the next best thing an old remnant lining from a previous project.  It didn't match.
6)  And my machine hates this fabric and the thread that I used for it.  My goodness, I was one impulse away from throwing the machine across the room.
7)  The instructions on how to sew the front facing and collar onto the bodice is sooo wrong.  Which was the number one reason my front opening is slanted.  Yup the very tip hangs on one side, despite everything I had done to correct the issue it still hangs asymmetrically.  That was the part that hurt me the most.
So I stopped took a few days off and contemplated. Looked all over online to get some kind of understanding what I did wrong.  I marked the shirt and the front facing piece but somewhere in the midst of fighting the battle I lost the war.  That's when it hits me...use another pattern to help better understand how to put on the facing in a more effective manner.  And there she was Vogue 8935.  The style of the shirts are similar so I decided to give a try with another fabric.
Wow!  What a difference.  The way Vogue constructed the shirt was simple, direct, understandable and it made plain sense.  Put the facing on first!  So far its been a dream.  But this time I am so careful, I double, triple check just to ensure everything is in place.  Plus since I had to change thread the machine has been working allot better and the stitches are coming out beautifully. 
But I am not going to give up on my sloppy first trial. I am going to finish it even if it means I am going to hand stitch it together.  I think I call the first one my Hulk Frankenstein mix.  Hey if anything I can always wear it to work.  Because in my world I can't afford to have waders.

Ambitious Sewer

Monday, September 30, 2013

How you like me

This is just going to be pics of the finished garment.  I tried doing a look of the day type of thing.  I don't think it worked out to well.  But, as they say practice makes perfect so next time I will remember to put on make-up, wear accessories, and rock a nice hairstyle.  Yeah those are important factors in styling an outfit....forgive me I was lazy.

Oh, I forgot to take pics of my back view.  Yeah, I kind of did that on purpose it wasn't flattering at all and it was because I was too drained to fix it.  I would get into the fight I had setting in the sleeves but I will leave that for the next post. 
As of right now I am working on the second version to V1367 and this time around I know what I will be doing differently.  
The second one will be interfaced and lined in the shoulder and yoke section of the blouse.  The gathers will be allot more evenly spread out.  I won't make the back as long and the sleeves will be lengthened and I think I will add on the cuffs.
Well that's it for now.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

In the meantime.....

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to give an update on a current project I am working on, in the midst of constructing the dress. I needed a fast and easy project to help boost my moral and sewing mojo. So I decided to work on Vogue 1367, you know the Rebecca Taylor blouse. I love it and since it's just the top I need right now I decided to use a fabric that I had been storing in the bottom of my box for at least 3 years, It was originally going to be a dress, and I think I have enough left over to do just that. But I needed something for the fall and since I absolutely love the print along the border of the fabric, I wanted to see how it worked out using the print as a focal point.
So here she is so far.....

Yup,  so far it has been alright.  I had a little difficult time dealing with the back portion of the top.  I kept struggling with stitching the gathers to the yoke without having to keep adjusting it.  I had to take out my seam ripper at least half a dozen times until it finally fit the back appropriately.
Well that's my story for now.  More to come.

Friday, August 23, 2013

When ambitions become too ambitious....

So yeah, As of late I have been totally obsessed with the Burda Dress (Plus size).
Yeah that's the one...unfortunately for me instead of doing myself a huge favor and just buy the damn pattern.  I had this brilliant idea of just drafting it on my own and make my interpretation of it.  I will blame , for that.  I have been stalking her blog the moment she mentioned the dress and it's been haunting me ever since.  I love, love, love this dress and it seems to be so perfect for the fall season.

Okay enough of my rants...I will show you instead pieces of my new madness. Forgive the fabric and cutting it's just the first muslin draft so it will look a little questionable. 

The back of the dress has been driving me crazy!  I don't know if it's the material or how I drafted it but it proves to be very difficult.  Every time I try it on the back seems to gather around my neck and bunches up at my upper back.   I am not sure how to correct it but I will be making the second muslin and hopefully by manipulating the darts I will have better results.  I am hoping it just lays flat on me.
The pleats on the bodice isn't precise and that's what I loved about the dress.  There were no pleats but free forming ripple effect on the bodice.  At least that's what I assumed. But I don't think I can do it .  The material is hard to manipulate as is so I am forced to have to make it more structured.  I wonder if I use a different material will I have better results. 
Anyway this is part 1 of my journey hopefully I will have good news the second time around.
As always have a great day/night (depending when you are reading this.)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

I DID IT!!!!! McCall Pattern 6469

Wow!  I am so excited, I finally did a project from beginning to end...on my very own.  It's such a  relief to know that all this time of learning how to construct garments I have finally  made something without help.  The blouse itself was an easy project but it had a great deal of details that required allot of time. 
Well, then there was allot of do-overs.  But it's done. Ugh, mostly.
At first I wanted to make version B top with version A bottom.  But as I progress I made a couple of errors which forced me to just go along with A.  Not bad considering  the vibrant colors on the blouse that goes so well with the season,  plus who needs sleeves anyway, it's still summer.

Now I am thinking of making  version B with the long sleeves.  Make it more into a fall top.  Which I already have fabric stashed aways specifically for this project. 
My only complaint is the adjustments I made, I added about one inch in length and width.   Which helped but not so much.  The blouse just basically hangs on me like a maternal top.  And that's not the look I was going for.   It barely made it pass my bosom and the bottom portion just stuck out.  Like a fake ass peplum.  Actually more like a bad baby doll dress.  So this explains why it won't leave the hanger.  Yeah, another museum piece for me. 
 For the next project I will have to extend the length of the top by two inches in the front and about three in the back.  Giving me the length I need and hopefully it will drape allot nicer than this one.
But hey it was worth it. 
Well right now I am working on a fall project.  My very own creation, which is my first self-drafted jacket.  I can't wait to show you guys the end results on that one. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Great Cover Up....

So, how's everyone doing?  I hope you are enjoying the upcoming season.   So far I had been enjoying the last couple of weeks.  Too bad with the drastic change of temperature...the days being 60 degrees and higher to the nights being around 40, made me a little sick.  Yup! (sniffles)
  So last month I went shopping. Since I had the time and a gift card that I had yet to use since Christmas.  I figured it was the perfect opportunity to get around and start looking around. I purchased a shirt from the store which at the time was being sold for two dollars....YES!!!!! TWO DOLLARS!!!!  Hey you can never beat a clearance rack.  Well this girl stocked up!  Hell I even bought a Christmas sweater!  You never know!
Well long story short I was excited about my new purchase that I decided to wear it to a family dinner.  Good idea...until I spilled sauce all over it.  I was like DAMN!  I told you it was two dollars.  I couldn't let go...Yeah throw it away.  Nah! not my style, and I certainly wasn't going to fight the might put a hole in my shirt.
So I thought to myself...what can I do to salvage it? It took a little while but it hit me.  Why not draw on it?  What's the worst that can happen?  So I did.

I think it came out pretty good.  And hey it's one of a kind.  So I'm happy with it.

As far as my other projects are concerned.  Everything seems to be coming together.  On my next post I will be talking about my new favorite tool., well I mean the carpenters plastic drop cloth.  It's an amazing product especially when creating and altering patterns.  Ah, more on that later.
Well enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Monday, April 15, 2013


Over the weekend I went to my favorite fabric store. Which is an hour away from where I live. So it's always exciting to make a special trip there. The customer service isn't the best, but the deals make up for it. I had my eye on this beautiful green flower print fabric, the last time I went there but I wasn't to sure about it. I said to myself the best you could do with this is make another dress. And at the time, the thought of making another dress wasn't so appealing.  I mean how many dresses does a girl need?  Dumb question, I know.  So I thought to myself "leave it alone". But the damn thing haunted me all the way back home, played horrible thoughts before I went to bed, then it taunted me in my dreams and even followed me at work. I was wrestling with guilt, anxiety and stress. How dare I leave a fabric behind? What kind of wannabe seamstress leave any fabric behind? And what really killed me was the price. Just about two dollars a yard. AUGH!!!
So this time I made it my mission to ensure that this baby was going home with me. And so it did. 
I didn't think it was right for me to just walk away with just one selection.  It needed a buddy something to relate too so I got four yards of a mysterious fabric.  Well I have to be honest the other bad thing about buying fabric from a discount store is that all the fabrics I get are mysterious.  At least to me.  I can't just touch a fabric and know it source. I don't think I ever will honestly.  That would be just weird.  And I am not doing any kind of test that requires me to burn anything.  Knowing my luck the whole house will burn down too. 

These two are just fabrics I picked up from the initial trip.  I am still trying to figure out how my husband got more fabric than me.  I must of lost my focus with my internal battle.


And we move on.....this is what I have so far for my self-drafted peplum top. Well honestly I never thought the day I would try to draft my own pattern. But I think it's a skill I should try to perfect. It's really difficult to do it on yourself especially if you don't have a dress form. But it's doable. (Is that a word or did I just made that up?) This is my attempt at making a peplum top.
People let me tell you something I surprised myself, when I realized I wanted a peplum top. When I saw it becoming a trend again. I was like hell no, that is way too eighties for me. But damn it. I saw a high-low version of one, and man did I fall in love. So I have to have one.
Now I know I could of just purchased one, or made life so much simpler and at least get a pattern. The problem is the design I want is so specific by the time I make all the alterations. I would be better of just starting from scratch. I have to say though it was more pleasant of a journey than disappointing.

Well that's it for now.  Hope all is well.  A.S.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Self Drafted Shirt Update....

So far I am enjoying the process of sewing my top together. The biggest issue for me was how to make this look very neat. I didn't want anything to look out of place or weird. So I decided to make some changes,the sleeves I orignally wanted wasn't going to work. It looked out of place and just wrong. I don't know if I didn't measure it correctly or did I overlook some details. But it just wouldn't sit right. It overlap onto my front shoulder. Which made it look awkward. So I decided to change things up and try using flutter sleeves instead. I have to say I was very happy with the turn out. It looks fresher, cleaner, and even fits with the spring/summer look.
I have to say though as of late I have been really into sewing. I am not sure why? But I am really happy my mojo has made a comeback. Right now I am working on making a pattern for a peplum top. So far I have made the alterations for the front bodice now I am starting the back. I am kind of curious to see what comes of it. Hmph, we will see.
And there is this summer dress that I am working on which I hope to post soon on it's progress. It's a washable silk fabric which has a beautiful drape to it. I love the feel to it and the print is beautiful. But more on that later.
I hope all is well with everyone.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm so EXCITED!!!!

After my little dissappointment...I decided to work on a shirt that I always wanted to make. I had a shirt that I purchased from Old Navy several years back(the black one)that I really love. The shirt is so comfortable and stylish plus it fits perfectly. I knew I had to make one or two more. So ofcourse I waited and waited and pondered and put it off until one day inspiration hit me. Now at first I didn't think I was able to start of on my own. But nothing ventured nothing gained. So I went ahead and started. I had to tell you every step of the way was a question in whether or not will it be done, especially to my satisfaction. But patience and allot of "you can make it happen damn it". Got me to this point. And I am really happy so far.
Hopefully this will have a great ending. We will see, until next time.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Vogue 1239...wadder?

Well this has been a disappointing outcome. There is a great deal of distortion in the fabric which I believe is caused by the lining. I think I should of underlined it instead of doing what was recommended. There was a good amount of adjusting and cutting which I think lead to this outcome. The collar is floppy because I didn't interface it, the closing is done half assed. The bottom of the skirt is bunched upwards, one of the pockets sticks out is just a mess. It says homemade all over it.
My husband hates the dress, he suggested in a very direct manner to start over again. Because it is garbage. I think for the sake of my sanity. I will be sending this one to a tailor. It was way too costly and took to long for me to just throw it away.
Anyway that's it for right now.

Friday, March 1, 2013


This week has been a very blessed week. Actually it's been a learning experience. I realized that your attitude can dictate anything. I learned even faking a smile can alter people's reaction to you.
Although I have been tempted to go back to some old habits. I have been encouraging myself (through God's grace) to not let other people's temperment get the best of me. And what's more important don't ever assume anything. People are people you never know what an individual is going through.

Now moving on I am almost done with the Vogue dress. Honestly it's almost been a year since I work on this dress and I am not sure how I feel about that. I know everything is a process but A YEAR!!! This is poopoo.
But in the meantime I have been doing other things. I am trying to learn the art of upcycling which is something I always wanted to do. It's a sweater I purchased years ago and never wore it because it was too large. But it may turn into a wonderful cardigan or garbage. We will see.
And I still have not finished my butterick's always the little miscellaneous things that gets to me. Watch let there be a gathering you will find me on that dress real quick.
I hope to take pictures of the finished product tomorrow. If this damn thing called blogspot don't give me problems.
Anyway I hope all is well,