Monday, October 20, 2008

I love IGIGI !

I absolutely love IGIGI...whenever I get online to search for inspiration or just want too drool over beautiful dresses I just go to that website and fall in love...There are a few pieces that I must have starting with this dress...

Yup isn't it wonderful, and look at the details the collar made wide to accentuate the neckline, and the placing of the white helps put the focus on the models gorgeous face. I love how it's design with women like me in mind. ( I think I heard that statement somewhere before...)

And look at this top it's so flattering and flurtateous, the color, style and how they paired it with the skirt is absolutely brilliant....

Well that's it for right now.



Saturday, October 18, 2008

Blue Blouse update!

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to update you guys on my progress, you remember the blue blouse I was writing about a while ago...Well it's ninety percent done all I have to do is the hem, finish the collar and add on the embellishments....
Here it is!!!

I couldn't take anymore pics because I was running low on batteries so this will have to do for right now but I will take more pics later during the week....
As far as the maroon dress it is coming out far I have alot of gatherings to do but not all that bad...anyway that's it for right now...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Three books....

Since I am having a little issue with patterns fitting me properly, I decided to go to the library and get some books out ....
1) Fast Fit from Sandra Betzina

2) Life is not a dress size by Rita Farro 3)No Time to Sew also from Sandra Betzina

So far I am beginning to get a better understanding on how to manipulate the patterns. I will post my progress with the dress. So far I have pinned the bust on my form and it looks alright, the only problem is the under arm area, but I think I will gather that area and see what it looks like. Wish me luck.
Ambitious Sewer

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Working on Butterick b5243...

Hey everyone,
Well I just wanted to update on my progress on pattern b5243 so far, I cut out the pattern pieces but had a little issue with the fitting...It really doesn't surprise me since this is a problem I encounter every time I start a new project....the only thing though is that most of my midsection is about three inches larger than the piece...I wasn't sure whether or not to extend the garment by three inches...since it is a jersey knit.
I mean the fabric stretches but how far can it stretch? I wasn't sure so I retraced the pattern on tracing paper and made the what it comes down too is cutting the fabric out...I am kind of intimidated, because I never cut on my own...and once you cut it's final...well hopefully I have nothing too worry about.
Anyway that's about it I will post pictures on the before and after pattern adjustment...if anyone has any suggestions on how to extend a pattern without having to go through all the trouble of making new ones it would be very much appreciated.
Well I hope everyone had a good week and God Bless.
Ambitious Sewer

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Journey to JoAnn's!

I have to say in the last 4 days, I have been ridiculously buying fabrics. For what! I have no clue. It all started out so innocently. I went to the store just to get a jersey knit fabric.
No big deal! Until I saw the clearence rack. I thought hey why not check it out. I figure what was the harm just go and see what they got. Dumb mistake!
I saw a fabric they call Avon, I am not sure what the hell it is or what it does all I knew was $3.00 a yard, and I was happy. Mind you on the label it specifically states do not dry clean, machine wash, or use dryer only hand-wash.
At the time I should of said nope not worth it. But no... all I saw was three dollars a yard and Ooh what a pretty color and I took it. Then my confused behind continued my search for a stretchy fabric... so I went to the isle that said all stretch fabrics....these people need to set up specific signs for people like me because I don't have a clue...NONE!
I saw a burgundy fabric and assumed it was jersey knit only to bring it home and see it was a fabric called PONTE mixed with polyester...What was real stupid was the fact they only had 2 yards left...and I needed THREE!!! I PURCHASED IT ANYWAY!!!!! Tell me the logic in that...again in my mind all I thought was OOOHHHH pretty color! Jesus, I need help!!!
About $45 dollars into this ridiculousness, I had the nerve to go back to JoAnn's ( I just don't learn) . But really I went back because my confused behind left in such a haste I forgot the pattern and socks on the counter after purchasing them. So I had to go back and get my things...I didn't spend money to give my stuff away hell no!!!
I shouldn't continue this story because this should change people's perception of me by the time I am done....but since you guys are so kind I figured why not?
Guess what I did!!! Before I went back to get my things....I went to another JoAnn', and guess what I brought 4 yards of burgundy jersey knit. It cost me $32 dollars....I don't need all that fabric!!! But I am crazy, so of course I am going to buy all that fabric! I just yell out a number that sounds good to me and put yards behind it...At that point I think I am accomplishing something... Yes!!! Accomplishing to buy more fabrics than I need!!! Because in my head I must be the size of a baby elephant!!!
So now I have 10 yards of fabric that will just sit there until I either give it away or make something with it! Send prayers out because I am losing it!!!
Then after my little journey I come to find out that I am not too crazy about jersey knits! All in all, it was a pay week I must of wanted to spend money, and now I have to commit to a fabric that I might not like...Next time I want to experiment I will go to Wal-mart then and there it will be allot cheaper!