Monday, October 19, 2009


I know it's kind of early but's the season... This is one of the first completed projects for this year...although it looks like I won't finish the rest in time I still look forward too getting them done.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Too much, too tired and just "blah"

It has been a long while since I last post here, it's not that I lost interest...but life has a tendency to get in the way. So far I had to make alot of adjustments in my life since my sister is moving into the house so we had to renovate downstairs, which meant allot of moving around for me and my family. She is expecting and she needs all the help, since it will be her first. In the meantime she is driving everyone crazy with her tantrums, crying binges, and other issues pregnant women face while hormones are shifting and changes in your body....not to mention a little human being who seems to dictate your every movement..quiet frustrating...but I look forward too seeing the little one..even though we are going through the muck right now...especially my sister.
Then there is the issue with being patient...I forgot sewing is not just a slapping fabric together and TADA!!!!...but I have to tell you it can be a total bugger...when you have something in mind and it seems to be taking forever to make it happen...I am still working on my third summer dress!!!...Who am I kidding I only finished one ( kind of) and struggling with the other...although I have changed instructors(YAY!).... I still feel stuck and stagnant....
Then there is school...yes I was foolish to go back...I guess I didn't learn the first time!..LOL...get it! NO!
Yup, I am back to school and so far I HATE IT!!! Thank God I am an adult to think of going through this mudane crap again made me realize why I hated school so damn much, the teachers never seem to understand that we don't get this sh*t...that's why we are here to learn...but the f*ck#ers assume we actually have an inkling as to what the hell they are saying....then there is the test...every other moment I am having an anxiety attack because I am not sure if I actually know what I am studying...all they are words that form a sentence and yet I can't translate a f*ck^ng thing...OH YEAH IT"S IN ENGLISH...just not the kind that I speak. WTF!!!!
Who writes these books and why haven't anyone kicked there asses yet!
The biggest issue of them all is Halloween! It's basically around the corner... and I have nothing to show for it....WELL, that's a lie I have been working on making props for that Special Day...but that is also a tedious task that is taking a while....but no fears I am more than determine to finish it and I will...maybe by October 31, 2010.
Anyway I guess I have been spoiled and just expect things to happen...just because I SAY SO!!! Instant Gratification is the best thing in the world...I don't care what anybody says!!!! NOW! NOW! NOW!...Sorry I am having a moment...
Anyway that's it for right now,
P.S. I apologize for the lack of posting.