Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Resolution!!!

I have been doing allot of thinking. And I came to a conclusion....I want to sew MORE!!!
I wanted too make a list but I got bored, but here are things I would love to complete.
1) Make 5 dresses
2) Make 4 more blouses/3 more pants
3) Make one coat
4) Start crotcheting/knitting
5) Get my halloween costume done in time for Halloween!
6) Becoming more independent with my projects!
7)Start wearing my finsished projects outdoors!
8)Start sewing my own designs!!!!!!
9)And learn more techniques and perfect the ones I know!
10) And last but definately not least....I want to be one of the best skilled all of you out there!
YUP...that's my sewing resolution for this year. But I do have a ton more that are not sewing related....But as I always say one thing at a time. I could only pray this year will be one of the most prosperous, happiest, and healthiest New Year! And I wish you all the same Have A Very Happy New Year and many Blessings To All!!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Well I am excited!!! So far my muslin version of the mini jacket is coming out nicely!!! So my faith has been restored in my abilities too follow instruction.... and it's so simple at least this part...

Isn't she beautiful I haven't added the sleeves yet because I was more concern about the fit of the bodice but since it fits so well I will put on the sleeves a little later just too see how it feels when it's put on all together...

And here is the maroon disaster... I want to give up but I am not... it's going to be a while before I finally finish this dress but I am going to finish it.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Doing it my !?#@*$% WAY?!!!!!.....NOT!

Hey everyone,
It's been a while since my last post... and there is a reason for it. I am in the middle of constructing two garments one is the maroon dress (which I will post later during the week) and the black mini jacket that I am working on. I know the mini jacket is out of style but I still like it and I want one. So between these two projects it is taking me a while to finish both.
Especially the maroon dress... who knew such a simple design can get so complicated! It's made out of stretch jersey which can get a little frustrating when cutting or ironing or even handling. It marks easy, it stains easy, it has it's own will and it's very stubborn. (Just like me!)
It's almost embarrising... the material really has me stumped. But it doesn't end there. Although the instruction was very easy too follow. (I have too state I am proud of myself I have never read instructions and actually understood it the first time around. ) But constructing it and putting it together has been an issue especially for my instructor. She couldn't understand why we have to put the sleeves in before the yoke. I explained to her why and even showed her, but because I cut the fabric by myself she wasn't able to follow... I wanted to do this on my own because I wanted to be a little more independent. And figuring out my dilemma or just taking the intiative to do something will teach me how to cope with mistakes, errors or how to handle a situation. But I have to be a little more patient. Since I have never worked with jersey before I will take her lead.
So now we are doing it her way, which is kind of upsetting because I finally understood what the pattern was asking for but because I cut it several sizes larger, I figured I ask for help as oppose to doing it on my own and have a jacked up looking dress. So now we are putting the yoke on first then we are adding the sleeves. I am mad, but hey what do I know... since it is a learning experience I have to take in the good with the bad.
The only thing that really bothers me is the timing... everything takes so f*%$ing long it just seems not worthwhile. I am an instant gratification girl and I want what I want now!!! I know I am spoiled but it's just my nature sometimes.
I just want it to be done. DONE!!!!
Anyway that's it for right now I will post a pic of my progress.