Sunday, September 28, 2014

Going Retro (Part 2)....Simplicity 1459

Hello Everyone,
     Well it's been an awesome weekend and I have to say I really enjoyed the surprisingly warm weather here in New York.  But, I do hope I will see some autumn weather soon, before we get hit with the very cold and harsh days of winter. 

     Working with Simplicity 1459 has been awesome so far the instructions are straight forward and easy to follow and the cotton fabric has been really great to work with.  I used duct cotton to underline the dress because I wanted it to have structure, especially around my mid-section.  There are a few reasons as to why I thought it was important to use this method as a means to create the kind of dress I envisioned. 
1) I needed a fabric to help keep me warm during those chilly days.
2) I like the feel of a hefty fabrics.
3)  I am a firm believer that when constructing a garment for a plus size woman it helps to emphasize on the way it fits her body.  Fabric choice makes all the difference in the world and sometimes it require a fabric that has structure to help minimize bumps and lumps and focus on all her beautiful qualities.
 I think I am going to use this process as a base for most of my autumn/winter wear.

Being that it was Sunday, I wanted to leave you guys with a parting shot in my church wear.  I love this outfit.... which made me think about putting a few jackets in my future project pile. Uh yeah, we will see.

As always, Be Blessed.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Going Retro.....Simplicity 1459

Hello Everyone,

It has been awhile, and now that the summer is over it's time for me to start thinking fall.  I have started sewing a new dress,  and have been inspired by another blogger Sew Retro Rose,  I love her style and taste, she makes dressing up fun and functional not just boring or formal .  I enjoy her dedication to the 1950's era, it's incredible to see how she can make these dresses look so true to it's time and yet she has a very original and unique twist to it.

Well here is my take on the dress.  Since Halloween is coming up I decided that I would make myself a dress for my favorite holiday.  So far the construction is going well I had already sewed the bodice and now have to add on the collar.  This process has been allot of fun and I think I might do this every year.  It will be nice to see my collection of clothing as the years go by.

Now I have been thinking hard about my sewing selection of my yester years and decided that I have to rethink how and what I sew.  Allot of the garments I have constructed are no longer appeasing to me.  None of them are functional and some I will never wear.  I think sewing for me has changed a great deal.  I need things for day to day wear and when your looking through your closet and staring at clothes that you have created and none of them will see the light of day.  You need to reconsider where and what you are sewing for.  I think I was sewing because it's something I wanted to learn and got excited about the idea of making something I have thought about a reality.  Now that I am older and hopefully wiser Iwant my clothes to reflect my style without challenging the public  No seriously I want to wear what I sew...and be proud. 
Don't get me wrong so far I have worn two tops to work and enjoyed the compliments.  But I do want to expand my sewing horizons and really learn how to incorporate what I want with what I need. 

So, to make some changes I will be working on a list on what i need and hopefully go from there.
I hope all is well in the blogging world.