Thursday, February 25, 2010 it again.

I went to Jo-Anne's yesterday just to kill time and too see what was out there. Well needless to say I walked out with a couple of patterns a book and a gift for a friend....Damn! This happens all the time.
The reason I chose this pattern was because it offer sizes all the way up to 28W...which at the time I thought was AWESOME! Unfortunately I will still have to adjust the pattern because the bust wasn't created for women who are well endowed. So once again I must fight the pattern to form to my problem it's getting easier as my projects progress.
The other thing that attracted me to this pattern was the shirt although I know this particular style has been around for a while now, I thought why not?! I thought it to be the go to shirt. It's sophisticated enough to hold it's own with a few accessories and I love the cuffs and exaggerated collar. It's the kind of shirt that will be universal and fit most occasions. Which is something I need desperately. I also love the fact that it has other options, like the red jumper. I think it's really cute. And the vest will be a good contribution to my wardrobe.
AND!!!! Let's not forget the pants and skirt pattern that also accompany the rest of the items. It's just great to have all these options in one packet...and for ten bucks not bad at all.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Look's getting there!

So here is the dress that I have been working on for the last couple of months....damn! I can't believe it took me a couple of months to actually get to this point but whatever. Anyway I hope to get two more dresses done by summer so I have some beautiful outfits too rock.
Sorry for the lousy pics but I don't have a camera anymore so this will have to do in the meantime. The instructions were okay but the fabric was a different story. I had such a hard time sewing it together...but I just can't remember exactly why? It's a stable fabric it doesn't slip and glide like silk, or bunch up like jersy. But the process was just too damn difficult and slow. I hated the experience but I am happy with the outcome.
Now the reason I didn't take close ups is because...IT"S HORRIBLE TO TAKE PICS WITH A LAPTOP.... I couldn't understand how to maneuver the damn thing to get a clear shot. Second it would be a little embarrassing, the zipper looks ridiculous the stitching is very sloppy. I mean really sloppy I am just thankful that most of the stitching is hid in. Third there is a section in the back of the dress that is gathered, and it's not suppose to be. So, I decided not to go there.
Anyway that is it for right now. Thanks for stopping by.