Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Resolution!!!

I have been doing allot of thinking. And I came to a conclusion....I want to sew MORE!!!
I wanted too make a list but I got bored, but here are things I would love to complete.
1) Make 5 dresses
2) Make 4 more blouses/3 more pants
3) Make one coat
4) Start crotcheting/knitting
5) Get my halloween costume done in time for Halloween!
6) Becoming more independent with my projects!
7)Start wearing my finsished projects outdoors!
8)Start sewing my own designs!!!!!!
9)And learn more techniques and perfect the ones I know!
10) And last but definately not least....I want to be one of the best skilled all of you out there!
YUP...that's my sewing resolution for this year. But I do have a ton more that are not sewing related....But as I always say one thing at a time. I could only pray this year will be one of the most prosperous, happiest, and healthiest New Year! And I wish you all the same Have A Very Happy New Year and many Blessings To All!!!!

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