Tuesday, March 1, 2011


God, I wish I knew how important that word was when I was much younger. I wish my mother taught me how valuable she was too herself and how important I would be to me when I become an adult. I wish I knew that I am my own problem and therefore my only salvation other than the obvious (which is God.)
I wish how powerful a lesson in life it is to learn to love oneself and truly embrace your presence, your moment, and understand your true purpose. I have met, lived, loved, imitated, cherished many men and women and for so many they have no clue how important they are in my life because they don't value themselves. I wish to one day to let everyone realize the importance of us as individuals, as teachers, mothers, fathers, lovers, best friends, providers, caretakers, and beings. I hope to one day remind all of us that we only mean so much, and do so much when we love ourselves with so little. I only want to love myself unconditionally, with no promise, no remorse, no excuse, no rational reasoning...so I can one day give all that love and more to my children, my family, significant other and my close friends.
You see they say this over and over again but today I got it.... You can't offer something you ain't got. Man, isn't that the truth.


Susan said...

Very powerful and very true. My Mother grew up in the projects in Harlem. The building was so run down that they weren't even charged rent. Despite that, my grandmother always let my mother know that she was better than everyone else. Funny, but my mom believed it, never knew she was poor, and has grown up to do magnificent things.

Carol said...

I agree with you and Susan. I, too, grew up in less than ideal circumstances and was fortunate to have a mother who convinced me I could do anything I wanted. I've had a few hiccups along the way, all because I lost sight of my self worth. As soon as I realised exactly what you said about not being able to accept something if you can't offer it, my life became so much better. It's nice to hear from you after so long. Hope you're well.

Ambitious Sewer said...

Thank you ladies for your comments. I am happy to know that you had such great examples to inspire you.

Cennetta said...

I'm glad you are doing well. It's very good you realize your self worth. Never let your environment dictate who you are and what you may become. God bless.