Saturday, March 24, 2012


Hello everyone,
As usual.... I have been M.I.A. No worries though I am working on a pattern that is not so easy to work with. It's Vogue's an unnecessary nightmare. But I can't complain too much I have a wonderful sewing instructor to guide me through this dizzy process. You know it's like me to pick out the most challenging dresses to only find myself having a nervous breakdown over it. I think I have a deep seeding urge to want to torture myself....but that's another story for another time.
Now what the hell is wrong with Vogue and there instructions... seriously it's almost like learning a freaking whole new language and on top of that they have the nerve to put in ridiculously stupid freaking, dumb ass extremely unnecessary steps to constructing a garment. Who needs that f@#ing pressure. I want a dress, I am not suppose to feel like I am doing statistics. I looked at the pattern instructions and I was so confused I turned the pattern upside down hoping it would make more sense. I looked like an ape trying to read a book. I hate when a pattern instruction makes me feel inadequate, I got a mother who do that (that was a joke mom)
Now this is the fabric I am working far it's been a real pleasure. I bought this from a textile fabric store for 6 dollars a yard...and I have to say this has been one of the sweetest deals I had the pleasure of taking advantage of. She is silky on one side but have a canvas type of material on the other, so it's absolutely easy to manipulate and work with. It drapes beautifully and I can't wait to see how it looks on me when it's done. The lining is a biotch though....but since I have 7 yards of it left I am using it until it's done.
Okay, as always I shift from one obsession to another....I am a new fanatic for Alexander Henry fabrics. There is one called "Lady Yang" that got me going nuts. When I first saw it I new I had to have it... I was so absolutely in love with the fabric print pattern I couldn't deny myself. I am not going to tell you the embarrassing details of my search for the fabric...let's just say I got it from JoAnn's and my eyes started welling with tears. It was a moment....I wonder if I bought a whole bulk would that be pushing it.
I know it's weird to love a fabric the way I love this one....but I do love her. And the awesome thing is that she is all cotton. It's just to good to be true and being the person I am I hide her in my room so if something would happen to me...then at least my spirit will be at rest knowing my Lady Yang is okay. Yeah this love is deep.


Suzanne said...

I can certainly relate to the love of this fabric!!!

Sassy said...

The fabric is absolutely amazing. I love Alexander Henry I bought two fat quarters online to use for a bag. Not used it yet. Love it but want the right project for it a nice carefree tote, where it's all about the fabric.

Tee said...

this is my favorite of all the fabric patterns you have. I'm not much of a pattern wearer, but i go gaga over beautiful asian inspired prints. sigh.... this is lovely. (ps, i don't sew at all, so i'll just lurk and be quiet :-) )