Friday, September 21, 2012

Autumn Witches Tea Party!!!!!

Hey everyone,
The last couple of weeks has been a very interesting process. I have been totally dedicated to making something that I always wanted...happen. I don't know if I mentioned this before but I am a halloween fanatic and being one it's always a thrill to see the fall season take over. It's wonderful to watch the leaves change, to awesome hues of gold, orange and browns. The air gets crisper as the temperature cools down. Appreciating the natural elements taking place in the most beautiful way, excites me.
But most importantly it's all these changes that represents the most awesome Holiday of them all....Halloween. Well since I couldn't wait for Halloween, I decided for my Birthday I would do a sort of pre-party, pre-preperation, pre-holiday,gathering. In the guise of a birthday celebration.;) And what could be more perfect than an Autumn Witches Tea Party.
I have to say for the most part it was allot of fun. Most of my family memebers and co-workers came through. Which meant allot to me. But I have to say there was allot of lessons I have learned through this experience.
1. If you are a sensitive person.... Please make sure to invite people who are genuine friends, love to laugh, appreciate effort that has been made and drama free.
2. If you are a sensitive person..... Try not to take yourself too seriously nor the's suppose to be fun.
3. Make the best of every situation and don't get caught up in expectations.
4. Make a mental note of things you can change and see what improvements you can make for the next gathering.
The list can get much longer than this but I think I will save it for another time.
One of my major concerns was the food, I figure I could save myself time and effort if I just concentrated on finger food. (Another lesson learned, if you just serve appetizers it will get very expensive.) I served the guest meatballs with teriyaki sauce, stuffed sausage and pepperoni rolls, pinwheel sandwiches, shrimp with cocktail sauce, bacon wrapped scallops, mini corndogs, chicken tenders, goat cheese with sliced bread and for desert the birthday cake with chocolate cupcakes. Yeah that wasn't my smartest move, but hey you live and learn.

These are a few pic's that I have taken of the day. The girls were allot of fun, and although things didn't go according to plan I still can say it was somewhat of a success. I hope to do it again.


Carol said...

I love the idea of a autumn witches tea party! We don't really celebrate halloween in Australia, although it's starting to become popular. Your menu sounds lovely and it looks like you had a great time.

Ambitious Sewer said...

Thankyou so uch for the nice comment, Everyone seemed to enjoy the food. Hopefully next year it will be more extravagant.

Sassy said...

Food sounds divine. Am hungry now and it's bed time here - 5 mins before midnight lol.

Laura@sewing machine reviews said...

Happy Halloween! Have fun and happy sewing. :) Looking for sewing machine reviews? feel free to visit

Ambitious Sewer said...

Thanks Sassy T. and was a nice experience.