Friday, September 26, 2008

There it is!!!!

Well here it is the dress!!! I had a problem with the collar it stood to high so I bend it so it would look a little better!!!

Anyway here it is!!! Please feel free to be brutally honest! I plan on fixing the collar first I have to steam it out then bend it again!!! Plus I have to re-adjust the sleeves so it won't be so tight...I am thinking of bringing it to a tailor so I can finally be done with this one...My mother told be I would be robbing myself of a learning experience and to do it on my own...But I am just tired and want this to be done...OVER!!!
What I am going to do is put it too the side and see if I should finish it or let the professionals handle this!


Unknown said...

I like it. I think the belt at the waist adds a nice finish. The fabric is busy and in the photographs it's hard to tell the design elements, but from what I can see it does look good, and it actually does flatter you, and you don't look like either a pimp or a church girl, well not like any I have seen :-P. My suggestion would be to wear it if it's possible, if I saw you in it I would tell you I thought you looked lovely. If it really has to be altered to be wearable I'm not much use to you because I hate altering things, I would rather start new, but it really might be a good idea to force yourself to do it soon, because if your anything like me if you put it aside it will still be sitting there in 5 years time ... waiting.

Cennetta said...

Brutally honest. I think your dress came out nicely and it's not bad at all. I would definitely wear it with pride. ;-) I do agree with your mom that you should do the alterations. Try it you might be surprised.