Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just tired....

Still working on my blouse and so far I am having a hard time with the silver's so hard to manipulate, I think I am going to just top stitch it on the blouse and call it a day... I am also working on the maroon dress, well so far I got the bust section together but honestly I have been real lazy and it takes me a while to get on the sewing machine... it's just crazy! I rather just lay in bed and do nothing than to get off my lazy behind and actually finish the projects and I take so long because I always procrastinate... and the weather is not helping the cause, not at all.
Anyway I should have everything done soon. Hope everyone is doing well.


Cennetta said...
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Cennetta said...

Girl, I know how you feel. We are just getting done with a NIH deadline at work. And I'm exhausted. I can't find any strength to sew. Just tired.

Well I hope you feel better. May be you'll get some sewing done this weekend. That's my goal. ;-)


Susan said...

I have been having the same existence. I am so close to finishing to sewing projects, yet there they are - unfinished.