Monday, March 15, 2010

At it again part 2

So far I have made a muslin fit for the shirt... but I made a bo bo which isn't unusual in my case. I added 8 inches to the pattern without thinking. I forgot that I must measure myself first before I assume my size. So I had to take 4 inches off...which isn't now what's the problem. The front seems to be a little bigger than the does this mean I have to readjust the pattern. I got scared but it hit me that my front may be a little more curvier than the back. But it still bothers me so I will put it on again and see what needs to be altered.

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Carol said...

The great thing about making a muslin for something like this is that you can use it as point of reference for everything you make from now on in. I spent a whole weekend making a sheath dress muslin and I now use that pattern as a bench mark for anything new I cut. I can see instantly where I need to take fabric out across the back and add it in front etc. Hang in there, you'll have a useful tool in the end.