Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Help me understand....(not sewing related)

The other day I heard a commercial about antidepressants...which was normal occurrence in everyday living. Since we all are bombarded with commercials in our everyday life, but this commercial got my attention because it was talking about depression and sexual desire. It was basically a commercial that is focused on women who are on antidepressants but have low libido's. Which at some point aggravated me. Not because I heard this commercial a million times during the day...but what really messed with me is the fact that a condition like depression needs to some how be entangled with sexual desire. I don't know if you see where I am going with this.
And maybe I am too old school for my generation. But the last thing on my mind with severe depression is how active I am in my love life. I am trying to make it day to day, trying to function, live, breath which are things that becomes more like labor than natural. And I would be thinking about hanging from the chandeliers but ass naked? WTF!? Is going on with people!
As a person who is constantly on a battle field with depression I think the commercial isn't just insulting but ridicule what people like me go through in our down time.
But maybe I could be wrong...I could just be making something out of nothing. Or this condition has it's own audience and people who have overcome depression and need to feel that urge again. And maybe as a thirty something woman these things don't really affect me. But FOR GOD'S SAKE CAN WE FIGURE OUT WHAT'S GOING ON IN MY HEAD BEFORE WHAT GOES ON IN MY PANTIES! I know there is a guy behind this.
Oh yeah speaking of men, where are there clinics and pills and why aren't they doing research on their libido when taking anti-depressants!? What... it doesn't affect them either?
I am getting too old for this...I need my retirement check NOW!!!!


Anonymous said...

I know, what your saying it makes perfect sense. It's a shame that people can't seem to focus on the real problem.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm yes, but perhaps the connection is that that special connection can really make you extra happy when you are not depressed? I mean like really HIGH happy. And it releases oxytocins etc which are real feel-good natural chemicals. So it seems like a natural preventive to depression and a kind of irony that when you are depressed, you "go off the medication". I don't think people are trying to say depressed women are "not doing their duty"!

Ambitious Sewer said...

Thank you both for taking the time to post a response knowing this is a sewing blog...I sometimes see people reluctant to "gothere"...but your input is greatly appreciated.

When talking about depression and sex it seems to make sense that sex or more precise an orgasm can release a chemical called oxytocins into the body to help it feel a sense happy. But the idea is kind of reduntant and archaic because this was a treatment that was conducted many, many, many years ago. Which was found to be somewhat helpful but not accurate in diagnosing the patient.