Monday, August 30, 2010

Are we obsessed with being happy?

The other day I came to a conclusion that as a society we are addicted to the idea of being "HAPPY" (forgive me I don't have a degree in sociology), but it seems to be a trend that either hasn't been truly studied or understood.
Everyone seem to strive to be happy but forget that there is an effort that has to be made in order to stay or be in that state of mind. It's a conscious decision to develop another attitude and perception, in order to get to a better place. Notice I didn't state happy, but better. Happiness is important but for me Joy is much better. Why? What's the difference....for me personally happiness is an emotion that happens in the moment, Joy is an experience, a memory, a moment that seem to last a lifetime. I am not sure if I make complete sense. But I think as humans we have a tendency to think very superficially... and a life without thought is an existence with no promise.
Happiness is a great thing and at a moment make us feel exhilarated, vibrant and alive, but like every other emotion it's fleeting. But something that is more vital, important and meaningful too me is living a life and being content. Looking to what I have and being satisfied and fulfilled. Not looking outside of myself to be "happy" but looking inside and seeking for that inner peace.
This is just the surface of my point hopefully I get to finish my thought some other time.

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Adrienne said...

I've been where you are and there is TRULY a difference between happiness and joy. ((hugs))