Sunday, November 7, 2010

Almost there!!!!

I wanted to post an update on my dress but as usual other projects took priority like school. So I am forced to hold out until I am completely done with the dress. I am done with the tears and hemming, now it's the zippers and a few finishing touches.

Moving on as of late I have been on a pink phase...everything in the hue of pink to fuchsia has got my attention. the only problem is I only brought shoes in those hues I don't own any garment that has ANY of these colors. Oh well another excuse to shop.
These shoes are not anything special but they are beautiful...I got one from Bakers and the other was from J.C. Penny's. I don't usually where heals but these are definitely the exception.
Well that's it for now hopefully I will be done with the dress real soon, until then ...Goodnight.


Susan said...

Oh la la! You better get shopping or sewing to make something to go with all of those fabulous shoes!

Ambitious Sewer said...

Thank you!!! I hope to get something started soonn.