Monday, May 14, 2012

b4790 update....ugh!!!!

Well first things first....this dress is a little more misleading than what I originally thought. Okay, okay it was actualy all my fault. I resized everything which to me means making everything bigger. But there is a more logical and technical way of adjusting size patterns. Did I follow any of the rules ahead of time....NOOOOO!!!!! I had to do things my way which translates to the hard way. As you can see from the side of the front pattern... I had failed to make the appropiate changes which causes overexposure of my underarms. Can we say dumb!!!! So this means I have three options... 1) Leave it alone, 2) Make the appropiate changes and cut out a new front pattern 3) Make adjustments that would require some creative solutions. Hmph!!! I don't husband thinks option number 2 is best but Im' lazy (no just difficult) and I really don't see why I need to recut anything if there could be other options ;). But maybe I will take his advice and go to the fabric store which would give me a reason to get more fabric. Hmmph...When I think about it...that might be a better idea. He is so smart.

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Sassy said...

Take your hubbys advice and do it when yyou are feeling chilled. Don't give up, just put it to one side if you are vexed lol