Sunday, June 3, 2012

Problem resolved.....I think?

So I decided to go with option two. I figure if I am going to the fabric store it's going to be for the right reason...and that's to
So here you can see I used the same fabric as the back portion of the dress. I figure it might add a little more pizazz to it than to use more of the plain blue. I hope it looks that way. I simple measured the portion needed to cover my under arm and created this piece....I am kind of proud of this creation because it looks like it was done on My next project is inspired by Mimi Goodwin....I have been wanting to do this for a long time. What is it that I am ranting about? I am making a jean skirt with old pair of pants....which isn't a new concept according to my sewing constructor...but I am still excited. So that should be coming up soon plus the vogue dress I am working on, which should be interesting. Although right now I am very proud of it but...we will see how the final look turn out. Anyway ladies have a good night, A.S.


Carol said...

I think this is brilliant and inspired and looks like you meant to do it! I'm super impressed.

Sassy said...

Looks great and unique. You done good, looking forward to yoour next creations.

Ambitious Sewer said...

Thank you so much's a trial and error experience but I am loving the learning process.