Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm so EXCITED!!!!

After my little dissappointment...I decided to work on a shirt that I always wanted to make. I had a shirt that I purchased from Old Navy several years back(the black one)that I really love. The shirt is so comfortable and stylish plus it fits perfectly. I knew I had to make one or two more. So ofcourse I waited and waited and pondered and put it off until one day inspiration hit me. Now at first I didn't think I was able to start of on my own. But nothing ventured nothing gained. So I went ahead and started. I had to tell you every step of the way was a question in whether or not will it be done, especially to my satisfaction. But patience and allot of "you can make it happen damn it". Got me to this point. And I am really happy so far.
Hopefully this will have a great ending. We will see, until next time.

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