Monday, March 3, 2014

Emotional Sewing....

Allot has been going on since my last update.  I have visited two new fabric stores that was suggested by another blogger Sew and Style by Toy which is here.  One was Virgo Fabrics and the other 123 Fabric Corporation  both located in Brooklyn.  What I loved most about my trip was not only the fabric selection,  but both stores were walking distance from each other. Which is very convenient.  I was real excited about this trip and it was fun for the most part.  Next time around I will make sure to stack up, because I was extremely impressed with the variety of fabrics and the pricing wasn't bad at all.

But,  2014 so far has given me many reasons to make some major changes. What can I say it's been a real roller coaster ride in the last couple of months.  I guess since I have been in a different mind set it  reflects on my productivity.  Which is little too nothing.  Maybe I need to change my environment.
I guess when I'm upset nothing gets done and when excited, inspired, or challenged the machine is humming constantly, and I am cursing up a storm which is a good thing.
I know it's not a lost of the sewing mojo, it's a sewing depression. I know it's a sewing depression because I have recently purchased a  load of patterns(and fabrics as I mentioned above). And currently altering one, but distraction, people, issues and problems just get in the way between me and my sewing.
Anyway, that's the story right now.  I wonder has anyone had to sacrifice sewing because there was too much going on? or better yet.  Had lost the desire to sew because of certain circumstances and/or situation? How do you deal with the contamination in life?  The things that can rob you of your personal joy/happiness?
Well later people, hopefully someone will have some insight too share.
As Always,


Tany said...

Well, I did; I lost all my desire to sew when I got pregnant; then my baby was born and I didn't have time to think about sewing,... Then things got a little better but still time was too short and my appetite for new clothes just grew bigger... These days I try to make the best of my little available time but it still bothers me that I have to chose simple/quick projects in order to complete them within acceptable timing... The best advice, from my experience, is live a day at a time, don't beat yourself too much and reward yourself for your little achievements. Eventually things will get better :)

Ambitious Sewer said...

Thank you. I am absolutely flabbergasted because I consider your work to be absolutely phenomenal. You are what I consider one of the Great One's. I am too excited. Thank you once again for stopping by and leaving kind words.

Towanda said...

I use sewing as a way to distress when the world is crazy. Sometimes I only get to spend 10 minutes in my sewing room. The hard part is get started and this is where I have to push myself. Lately, I have been cutting out projects ahead of time. When I have a few minutes, I can easily sit down and sew. Projects get completed in small bits of time. Before I know, I have a finished garment. don't bet yourself in you don't have time to sew. One of the things that I love about sewing is that you can stop and start as many times as you need. It will always be waiting patiently for you.

Ambitious Sewer said...

Thanks Towanda...your right. Maybe that's how I need to do it from this moment on. One step at a time.