Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lesson Learned?

Hello everyone,
            Simplicity 2566 has been in my box for the last couple of years.  I started this project awhile back but never seem to have taken much interest in completing it.  So in the midst of creating frankenhulk, I decided to make a more reasonable version of the shirt.  Something I can wear on a casual day or just going to work.
Well..hmph.  Making the shirt had it's struggle but nothing can compare to the wear.  I can honestly say if I had a sweater made out of hay, I would of had an easier time wearing it.  The shirt had so many fitting issues it was impossible for me to be comfortable in it.  Mind you years back  I made a muslin version of it only to find out I had outgrew my first version.  Which always means alterations.  Honestly, this experience would usually make me rethink about my capabilities as far as sewing.  But this time I literally laughed till I cried.  Every time I struggled with the shirt it reminded me I have so much too learn.  It also inspired me to build on my skills.  It's challenging learning on your own and trying to incorporate other people's methods to improve your sewing skills.  But it is what it is.
So here she is.....

So here is  the list of what went wrong:
The collar is just useless flap that surrounds my neck and maybe my whole upper region.  I was going for a seventies style collar but the interfacing wasn't able to hold its form.Which made it worthless.

The cuffs seemed to be a great idea at the time.  Unfortunately because of my method of sewing it on.  I calculated everything wrong.  I measured about 11 inches upwards from my wrist to my forearm only to find out that I would need to consider the fullest part of my arm when it comes to reaching and stretching.  By the way there is no escaping math when sewing.  That sucks. I wanted the design of the sleeve to have a unique look without making it look like I borrowed the shirt from a pirate.  Too late.

The bodice of the shirt was the most frustrating issue.  I had place the darts too low, then in following the design of the shirt without considering the quality of the fabric.  I realized that the shirt was stiff and couldn't flow properly.  Which caused the bottom portion to stick out dramatically.  Plus the back of the shirt was considerably much tighter in the shoulder area.  Which also made it difficult to move my arms.  Not to mention, I sewed in the sleeves wrong. 

But honestly, through it all I was just laughing.  Because I realize without my errors there is no room for improvement.  Another thing is this, I had so many people compliment the shirt.  Which kind of made me appreciate the fact that I am the only sewer among the group.  And honestly I can't think of a better way to get by with an absolute wadder and people loving it.

Anyway, that's it for now.


Robin said...

God knows I have had to-the-trash wadders and wearable wadders. I struggle with adjusting patterns too. I didn't learn to sew using patterns. Three things I found useful: I took the plus size sewing class on Craftsy with Barbara Deckert; I purchased pattern software (so the adjustments are made for me); and I purchased Connie Crawford's pattern slopers through her website made especially for plus sizes. This has really helped me with basic skills. You have sewing skills -- and I agree it's hard to learn by reading blogs. Direction and support can get us 'up and coming' sewists on the right track. Keep plugging away--you're
better than you think.

Ambitious Sewer said...

Thank you Robin. I will try some of the sites you suggested. More help can not hurt. Once again thanks for the encouragement.