Monday, October 23, 2017

I see this in my future....

So here I am once again ogling at the potential of future purchases.  Surprisingly I am looking into velvet....I don't like velvet.  I always thought it was hard to work with because of its weight and texture but for whatever reason I am just lost looking at some of these amazing prints and I don't think I can just let the opportunity pass me by.

Telio Rayon/Nylon Velvet Burnout Floral Paisley Black/Multi

Telio Stretch Velvet Burnout Floral Black/Green/Orange/Yellow

Telio Rayon/Nylon Velvet Burnout Double Border Black/Multi

These are a few I might be considering aren't they just lovely I can imagine making a bomber jacket out of all of them.  I know bomber jackets?  I'm always late in the game but  I like to think I make classics.  I hope all is well.  

By the way I will be posting about my new project, which should be Vogue 9076.

Images and purchase of  fabric can be found on


Robin said...

I love velvet too-especially the burn out kind. Been having a hard time finding the shade/color I want to make a gorgeous holiday tunic--velvet is girly, vintage, old money, and romantic all rolled into one fabulous fabric.

Ambitious Sewer said...

I wasn't a fan but I can now see how luxurious it can be. Thanks for stopping by.

Sheila said...

Hi Naomi, it was a pleasure meeting you today and looking forward to creations.