Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sewing Books...

Well the other day I went to the library to check out some sewing books...and picked out FABRIC SAVVY by Sandra Betzina....I got it because I saw a video clip from domestic haven blog and I wanted to see for myself how informative this book really was....boy was it detailed...I have to tell you this book is extremly tells you detail use of the fabric it's pro's and con's...what it can be best used to manage it...what needle and thread to use ....and on and on and on...My god!!!
As a novice sewer I was extremely overwhelmed...when I buy my fabrics I have to look on the reciept to know what I actually bought....All I do is oooh it's so pretty I will buy...but now I know to be a lot more attentive as to what I am buying...There is an actual science behind all of this...Who Knew???
Anyway, I am working on my dress and will have more updates within this weekend...
P.S. A special thanks to all of those who commented on my progress it is very much appreciated believe me it helps to know people are out there...for a moment there I thought I was typing to
See you

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