Sunday, October 5, 2008

Journey to JoAnn's!

I have to say in the last 4 days, I have been ridiculously buying fabrics. For what! I have no clue. It all started out so innocently. I went to the store just to get a jersey knit fabric.
No big deal! Until I saw the clearence rack. I thought hey why not check it out. I figure what was the harm just go and see what they got. Dumb mistake!
I saw a fabric they call Avon, I am not sure what the hell it is or what it does all I knew was $3.00 a yard, and I was happy. Mind you on the label it specifically states do not dry clean, machine wash, or use dryer only hand-wash.
At the time I should of said nope not worth it. But no... all I saw was three dollars a yard and Ooh what a pretty color and I took it. Then my confused behind continued my search for a stretchy fabric... so I went to the isle that said all stretch fabrics....these people need to set up specific signs for people like me because I don't have a clue...NONE!
I saw a burgundy fabric and assumed it was jersey knit only to bring it home and see it was a fabric called PONTE mixed with polyester...What was real stupid was the fact they only had 2 yards left...and I needed THREE!!! I PURCHASED IT ANYWAY!!!!! Tell me the logic in that...again in my mind all I thought was OOOHHHH pretty color! Jesus, I need help!!!
About $45 dollars into this ridiculousness, I had the nerve to go back to JoAnn's ( I just don't learn) . But really I went back because my confused behind left in such a haste I forgot the pattern and socks on the counter after purchasing them. So I had to go back and get my things...I didn't spend money to give my stuff away hell no!!!
I shouldn't continue this story because this should change people's perception of me by the time I am done....but since you guys are so kind I figured why not?
Guess what I did!!! Before I went back to get my things....I went to another JoAnn', and guess what I brought 4 yards of burgundy jersey knit. It cost me $32 dollars....I don't need all that fabric!!! But I am crazy, so of course I am going to buy all that fabric! I just yell out a number that sounds good to me and put yards behind it...At that point I think I am accomplishing something... Yes!!! Accomplishing to buy more fabrics than I need!!! Because in my head I must be the size of a baby elephant!!!
So now I have 10 yards of fabric that will just sit there until I either give it away or make something with it! Send prayers out because I am losing it!!!
Then after my little journey I come to find out that I am not too crazy about jersey knits! All in all, it was a pay week I must of wanted to spend money, and now I have to commit to a fabric that I might not like...Next time I want to experiment I will go to Wal-mart then and there it will be allot cheaper!

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sounds like you had enough