Thursday, October 9, 2008

Working on Butterick b5243...

Hey everyone,
Well I just wanted to update on my progress on pattern b5243 so far, I cut out the pattern pieces but had a little issue with the fitting...It really doesn't surprise me since this is a problem I encounter every time I start a new project....the only thing though is that most of my midsection is about three inches larger than the piece...I wasn't sure whether or not to extend the garment by three inches...since it is a jersey knit.
I mean the fabric stretches but how far can it stretch? I wasn't sure so I retraced the pattern on tracing paper and made the what it comes down too is cutting the fabric out...I am kind of intimidated, because I never cut on my own...and once you cut it's final...well hopefully I have nothing too worry about.
Anyway that's about it I will post pictures on the before and after pattern adjustment...if anyone has any suggestions on how to extend a pattern without having to go through all the trouble of making new ones it would be very much appreciated.
Well I hope everyone had a good week and God Bless.
Ambitious Sewer


Unknown said...

All, I would suggest is that you make a muslin of the bodice to check that your alterations actually work in the real world. Sometimes alterations in one area can cause another to sit funny ... maybe you can use some of the fabric you bought the other day ... grins. You can do it! Oh and the only way to do this kind of thing so that you are happy with the end result is to do it the long way, sorry.

Cennetta said...

I agree with Elle on making a muslin. I usually pick up some of the $1.00 p/y knit from Walmart to test a pattern before cutting into my fashion fabric.


Ambitious Sewer said...

So far things are looking up and the garment pieces fit some actually were cut too but so far so good...and thanks for the advice!

Susan said...

Glad to hear it is working out. Keep it up!