Monday, April 26, 2010

A little too AMBITIOUS!!!!

Hello everyone,
My name is Naomie and I am a professional stalker, and I need help. I have never known myself to be a crazed, hungry, overbearing individual until now. I have turned into a psycho stalker trying to get this whole sewing group thing together. What kind of person out of the blue start talking to random strangers in order to get inspiration to sew. Have I finally lost it? I mean I will walk around and try to analyze a person while looking at fabric...trying to see if this person would like to be committed into a sewing cult. I said it CULT, I think I am aiming to start a new religion with this whole thing. Don't be too surprised if you see me with scrap wood in my backyard trying to build a chapel. Where the holy sewing machine will have it's own alter. I have gone off the deep end people....WATCH OUT!!!! Sewer gone crazy!!!!!


Carol said...

It's OK. I'm sure you'll get loads of people to join. You'll have the best dressed congregation, too!

Nancy K said...

I am responding to your comment on my blog about starting a stitch and bitch. Why don't you contact me via e mail?

Ambitious Sewer said...

Hey Carol thanks for the kind words...I hope to make something happen soon.
Nancy thanks for the response I sent you an e-mail hope to chat with you soon.