Sunday, July 28, 2013

I DID IT!!!!! McCall Pattern 6469

Wow!  I am so excited, I finally did a project from beginning to end...on my very own.  It's such a  relief to know that all this time of learning how to construct garments I have finally  made something without help.  The blouse itself was an easy project but it had a great deal of details that required allot of time. 
Well, then there was allot of do-overs.  But it's done. Ugh, mostly.
At first I wanted to make version B top with version A bottom.  But as I progress I made a couple of errors which forced me to just go along with A.  Not bad considering  the vibrant colors on the blouse that goes so well with the season,  plus who needs sleeves anyway, it's still summer.

Now I am thinking of making  version B with the long sleeves.  Make it more into a fall top.  Which I already have fabric stashed aways specifically for this project. 
My only complaint is the adjustments I made, I added about one inch in length and width.   Which helped but not so much.  The blouse just basically hangs on me like a maternal top.  And that's not the look I was going for.   It barely made it pass my bosom and the bottom portion just stuck out.  Like a fake ass peplum.  Actually more like a bad baby doll dress.  So this explains why it won't leave the hanger.  Yeah, another museum piece for me. 
 For the next project I will have to extend the length of the top by two inches in the front and about three in the back.  Giving me the length I need and hopefully it will drape allot nicer than this one.
But hey it was worth it. 
Well right now I am working on a fall project.  My very own creation, which is my first self-drafted jacket.  I can't wait to show you guys the end results on that one.