Friday, August 23, 2013

When ambitions become too ambitious....

So yeah, As of late I have been totally obsessed with the Burda Dress (Plus size).
Yeah that's the one...unfortunately for me instead of doing myself a huge favor and just buy the damn pattern.  I had this brilliant idea of just drafting it on my own and make my interpretation of it.  I will blame , for that.  I have been stalking her blog the moment she mentioned the dress and it's been haunting me ever since.  I love, love, love this dress and it seems to be so perfect for the fall season.

Okay enough of my rants...I will show you instead pieces of my new madness. Forgive the fabric and cutting it's just the first muslin draft so it will look a little questionable. 

The back of the dress has been driving me crazy!  I don't know if it's the material or how I drafted it but it proves to be very difficult.  Every time I try it on the back seems to gather around my neck and bunches up at my upper back.   I am not sure how to correct it but I will be making the second muslin and hopefully by manipulating the darts I will have better results.  I am hoping it just lays flat on me.
The pleats on the bodice isn't precise and that's what I loved about the dress.  There were no pleats but free forming ripple effect on the bodice.  At least that's what I assumed. But I don't think I can do it .  The material is hard to manipulate as is so I am forced to have to make it more structured.  I wonder if I use a different material will I have better results. 
Anyway this is part 1 of my journey hopefully I will have good news the second time around.
As always have a great day/night (depending when you are reading this.)


JuliN said...

I think this pattern is lovely. Good luck with your version - I look forward to seeing your progress.

Ambitious Sewer said...

Thanks JuliN