Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Wow!  It’s been about six months since I posted anything on this blog.   I really have no excuse, I am an awful blogger.  It’s not because I have been lazy I literally can’t keep up with the amount of ideas/concepts I want to work on.  Every week I am trying to work on a new muslin for a top or outfit that I want to create, unfortunately when you have your hands in too many things nothing gets done.
That’s why I am happy I have a sewing instructor to keep me organized and focus.  She loves the fact that I have grown as far as creating designs and pattern making, but I think I sometimes exhaust her…just a little bit.  (Which I think is a good thing.)
2015 so far has been a decent year as far as sewing is concerned.  I am ninety percent done with my Halloween dress….which has been in my closet for the last three months.  I have to hem the dress, add buttons and either create a belt or buy one.  I think I am going to buy one. 
Then I started a new jacket, which I am really excited about.  I made the muslin for it, cut out and sewed the bodice together.  Now, I am working on the collar and sleeves.  I love this jacket because it was an inspired piece from pyramidcollection.com I believe it's called fable. I don't think they sell this particular item anymore, sad really.    My version is created from curtains that I got from a 5 dollar bin.  Hey, I do what works for me. 

Anyway that is it for right now.  Hopefully sooner than later I will update everyone on what I am doing and maybe post the things that I have done.


DawnSSL said...

That was such a tease! Lol looking forward to the details and pictures.

Ambitious Sewer said...

More to come. :)