Monday, March 2, 2015

Hello Again

Hello Everyone,
  This post is going to be pic I hope no one minds looking at a few updated pics.   Forgive the random pic order.  I was having a difficult time adding my pictures on this blog.  According to this website my picture gallery had to be updated.  I sometimes hate technology.
This was one of my Sunday's Best Outfit.
 photo outfit 008.jpg

This was an outfit I wore for my sister's surprise birthday. 
 photo outfit 035.jpg

My Halloween dress...almost done.
 photo 3-2-15 pics 004.jpg

 photo 3-2-15 pics 005.jpg

You remember my Beautiful FrankenHulk Top well it took me awhile but I finally found the perfect sweater for her.  Isn't she lovely?
 photo 3-2-15 pics 007.jpg

I leave that for all of you out there to judge.  I personally love her because I used techniques on her that I had not tried before and in that sense she is a success but as far as design...hmph.  I still will wear her.  Like I state before and I'll state it again....NO ROOM FOR WADERS!
 photo 3-2-15 pics 009.jpg

That's it for now. 


Robin said...

I see some good stuff there. I like your idea of no wadders. It keeps you sewing no matter what. You can't help but get better at it. I keep trudging along too.

DawnSSL said...

Looking great! I have just decided to finish every project no matter the outcome. Because of that train of thought I am getting so much more done. If something wasn't coming along like I expected I would throw it aside and lose my mojo for months.

Ambitious Sewer said...

Thanks Robin and Dawn.