Friday, May 8, 2015

Update on construction of McCall's 6696...and the wannabe fable jacket.

Hello Everyone,
 It's been awhile but things are slowly progressing.  So far I have finished my version of the fable jacket.  I have some reservations about the look of the  jacket because it looked nothing like I imagined, but,  I do like the fit and the concept behind it.  Will I make another version?  No.  It took to long and the material was very fussy.  Every time I would get back to sewing different parts of the jacket it would grow and not just grow in the sense that it needs a little alteration here and there, it was inches of fabric appearing in different parts of the jacket.  I had so much fabric to cut out, it became ridiculous.  Which made me come to terms with my fabric choice, although it seemed like an awesome idea,  I should of left it at that... an idea.


 And here what I have so far for my McCalls 6696.  I love how this shirtdress is coming out. 

I struggled with this one because I added to many inches in the bodice forgetting that there is a front placket to be added.  It's a good thing this situation can be resolved easily. The next version is being cut out so I will be posting on how I altered this version differently from my last one. Let's see how that turns out.
Hope all is well,

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