Friday, November 18, 2011

Towards the end....

Well tomorrow I will be finishing my dress. I should have pics ready by Sunday, but even if I am not done I will post pics of her. So far it's been a great journey with the dress, it was very involved and allot of adjustments had to be made. But all in all it's been a very pleasant experience.
My next dress will be Vogue pattern 1239. The fabric is very beautiful, I will post that as well. It's a very interesting fabric with a bold design, words fail me when I try to describe it. I have to admit I am a little intimadated by the design and construction this one looks like it's going to be extemely involved. But, when I think about it all the dresses I have made so far have always been intricate.
Well hope all is well and I will definately have pics by this weekend. Until then enjoy yours.

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