Monday, November 7, 2011

Arguing effectively....

How do people argue without losing their cool. How are you expected to discuss an issue without getting upset especially when your on opposing sides. I have to admit I was a person who thought with their head before the heart, but as of lately I have been losing allot of patience with people, situations....just life period. I am not sure what the change is but I don't like it at all. I used to be allot more rational, and now I get carried away with the heat of the moment.
Maybe in this relationship, my heart is on my sleeves and the wounds hit very deep, very soon. How do I behave, and become more mature emotionally?
Okay enough of the boo-hooing...I have to figure out a way to feel better. So I made a list, talking to my sister I realize every change starts with you. I think it's been repeated over and over again in some of my post....but sometimes I need a reminder.
I think in many ways to feel better on the inside it starts with the outside. Change of environment affects change of attitude.
1) Change how I dress and it will change how I act. Feeling better about my appearance does change my posture, the way I interact with people and the way I feel about myself.
2) Never rely on anyone to make I am responsible for my happiness no one else is. And if I need to make a change then I have to pick my grown ass self up and do it.
3) Do things that makes me happy, like sewing, drawing and craft projects.
4) Become more social....get involved in projects with people who share the same interest.

So far this is what I got from the conversation with my sister....and you know what she is absolutely is too short to stay stuck being miserable.

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