Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thinking thoughts....

As of late I have been thinking allot....and since this seems to be a perfect place to start. I thought placing a few random thoughts... just because.
1) I learned that patience is a virtue.
2) Kindness can take you a millions mile further than being nasty.
3) That I hate ignorant and opinionated individuals who can't take in other people's point of view.
4) That although I have a job and should be extremely grateful and at times I am especially when paying bills....( wishing my life away isn't a good thing....can't stand the fact it's not Friday yet.)
5) I wish I was healthier...but by now I know it's a choice and not a lifetime sentence to being fat. I don't have to be fat I choose to stay fat.
6) I hate people who hate kids, I hate people who look at them as burdens and I really hate backwards people who think abuse is necessary to raise them. Not saying discipline isn't necessary evil, but belting children, pushing them, laughing at them when you insult them, beating them with objects are a little on the extreme side of things. (Teenagers are the exceptions to the rules...jk)
7) I want to start a group with women who have issues with their mothers. It will be called I HATE MY MOTHER!....I'm not kidding. I don't know if it's me or am I surrounded by women who seems to like to complain about their mothers. Complain is a nice about fixated.
8) Maybe during the meetings I can shout....GROW THE HELL UP AND GET OVER IT!!! Maybe that's what I should call the group.
9) At times I hate being a women....but I truly feel sorry for men. I wouldn't take their place even if they pay me.
10) I love sewing, I hate sewing. It's a wonderful craft that I get lost in, but damn do I hate the technicality. I AM SO SLOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!! I am still working on the dress I started over the summer! AAAUUUGGGHHHHH!
Well that's it for now I will definately have more b.s. to spill here while I finish my garment. Until then I look forward in seeing what you guys have been up too.

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