Saturday, August 2, 2008

Getting past tragedies and trying to see God's blessings

Today was an awfully depressing day, yesterday a close friend of the family got into a horrible accident that left her in a comma...funny thing was the other day while looking at other blogs I saw a post on The Mahogany Stylist blog ...and she shared a story about the lost of her the time I didn't know what to say because I felt there was so little to say when someone lose someone the time I couldn't really relate and I was afraid of leaving something that didn't seem I left it at that...and although I didn't make a lingered in my mind on how fragile life is and how easily we can go...and that subject always broke my heart...and it's something I try to live by...but I try hard not to think to much of it...well yesterday while driving back home my sister call me on my cell and asked if I was alright I said yes...then she told me to be careful because there is a huge accident not to far from me...I told her not to worry I was on another road...little did I know that very same accident was the mother friend was in!!!
When I got back from my Dr.'s appointment this morning, I found my mother at the kitchen sink washing dishes...I went by as usual and said hello, she asked me if I had plans and of course I told her I did...then she told me about the accident...and started crying...of course when something like this happen...any and every plan can and will be canceled...and I quickly rush her to see her friend... because I know how important it is to be near someone you care about in their time of need....then I started to think ...How is it the other day I couldn't find the words to comfort someone about a loss...but today I now suffer from one?
You see people life is too short to sometimes think to sometimes to short to even worry about easy as it comes it's even easier to go...
Never stop to think about being kind...or giving a kind word because tomorrow you might need that very same encouragement to go on...

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Cennetta said...

My prayers are with you and your family. This may be especially difficult for your mom, but God hears and answers prayer. He is also a comforter in your hour of need.

I want to especially thank you for your kind words. When my sister first passed many people didn't know what to say. But I found comfort in their presence. Some held the phone allowing me to talk and cry while others held me until I stop crying.

I have experienced the same feeling that you noted in this post. And it wasn't until death and sickness touched my family that I knew how to respond to other people faced with the same tragedy. I said all of this to say it's all right. I needed a moment. Big hug to you and your mom.

God bless.