Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Yay for fall fashion week....(atleast for me)

I am absolutely in love with these black laced shoes
on, I have too have them and it's a damn shame they are sold out...
These are from Nine West isn't it just awesome!!!!!

So I am going gaga...for fall I watched HSN, QVC, for inspiration...and then I stole my mother's ELLE magazine...there is so much selections for fall... and I fell in love with the lace/goth look that is now very trendy!!!!!

I guess lace is coming back hard the funny thing about it is, that almost two years ago lace was considered granny or make a garment look ancient, and now its the new craze...I knew I should of followed my instincts

This dress is from Neiman Marcus website some of the dresses are from Donna Karen...what I love about this site is that every dress is catagorized by occasion so if your going to a dinner party go to that section for it, if your going to a cocktail party there is another section just for that! You don't have to do the thinking!!! ( which is great!)

The emerald green dress is from Donna Karen on Neiman Marcus...I love the detail around the waist...

These boots are just so cool ...(my brother hates them!! oh well) they are from they are called Gee Wa Wa Actor Boots...I remember these buckled boots being the rave late in the 90's nice too see them come back

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Cennetta said...

Cute fashion. Bootie are all the rage this fall. Definitely a must have. The jersey dress are impressive too. Girl, I'm trying to get my fall projects down to a workable list. This is a constant struggle for me. So much to sew in so little time. Happy shopping and sewing!