Saturday, August 2, 2008

Halloween Costume Option #2...Butterick 4315

Well I think I found it!!! I went to Jo-Anne with a friend of mine the other day and we were flipping through their catalogs for new inspiration...while looking I found this beautiful costume pattern and automatically fell in love with was perfect!!!

And then I got a little intricate...since we have a gown what can I do with it that would make it not only stand out but make it look more authentic....I had to think for a while what accentuates a woman's garment, make it more elegant and give it more BANG!...and that's when it hit me...JEWELRY!!!! So of course ( as always) OPTIONS....(this maybe tacky but hey it's Halloween, if there isn't one holiday where you can be tacky as all heck it's this one)...When I first saw this one I have to tell you I literally drooled over's very overwhelming and over the top but that's what I love most about's gaudy, it's shiny and very dramatic and it's not afraid has pizazz, personality, it not only crave attention it DEMANDS it!!! OOOhhh I love when jewelry talks to me.......But when I saw this one I knew it had to be the absolutely gorgeous the colors, the draping, the design makes it so perfect for the dress....I just couldn't resist but post it...Now this beautiful piece cost around 179.00 dollars...
But the one before it cost 480.00 dollars so I think as far as price range I will stick with this one!!!

Talk to you soon

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