Monday, August 4, 2008

Watching the WE channel...

Does anyone watch the WE channel?
I just watched Amazing Wedding Gowns on the WE channel and it was amazing….the show gave the audience and inside look on various wedding designers boutiques…such as the legendary Vera Wang to other top designers like Angel Sanchez, Anne Barge, Camille Ed Pedrini, Amsale Aberra….and my favorite of the all Rene Geneva who is known as the eco-friendly designer…she is so unique, her use of fabrics and designs are brilliant and very vibrant…nothing about her gowns are typical….it was AWESOME!!!! And a great eye-opener, the time and creativity it takes to make these gorgeous gowns… is mind-blowing…but as Amsale Aberra stated “it’s couture”….I was so taken aback on the details of the construction on these phenomenal gowns….all I have to say is this was an Amazing show and I thoroughly enjoyed it…..I wonder what going on in Project Runway?


bballgrl5583 said...

I loved this episode and fell in love with one of the dresses on this show but forget what designer it was that made it. Does anyone remember the dress that a woman (i forget her name) who worked for a certain wedding dress designer and saw her perfect dress before she was even engaged?? She went on to getting engaged and the dressed was strapless with lots of shimmer all over and on her veil too. I fell in love with this and want to try and find it--i would love any help anyone can provide!!

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